Hydranga Stems

Did this painting on a large piece of watercolor paper for me! Used a 12 x 18 sheet of Canson  140 lb. paper.

Started out as a totally different type of painting but took on a life of it’s own as the paint flowed. I dropped in some drips of brown and green, let it get pretty dry then dropped in the purples.  Once I realized it was going to be a floral I added the stems. I know this isn’t how hydranga’s look in nature and stems would never be vertical like pictured but I’m happy with my imaginary standing stems of Hydranga’s.

Played with some alcohol ink today on photo paper, not too sure about them. Strange medium to work with. I think to do it right you really need Yupo paper or a prepared surface of some sort. Need to research a bit more.

Until next time…..keep it loose and let it flow.


Beach Day

This small painting I did a week or so ago. Just a chair on the beach and the solitude of the day.

Done on a 6 x 9 piece of Bee Paper Co. 140 lb watercolor paper with my Winsor and Newton Cotmans. Simple and pure just like a day at the beach in mid summer.

Until next time……feel the sand between your toes!

Dream Catcher

This was just a quick little study I wanted to try by dropping some really wet paint loosely on the paper and letting it run. Had the idea that it was going to be a dream catcher finished product when I started.  Really like the effects of the running paint. It has a loose and dreamy kinda feel which is what I was going for.

Made some alcohol inks from some old markers I had on hand and played a bit with then today. Can’t quite get a feel for them though. Need to read up on how to use them and go from there. I was thinking of using them in some mixed media works, we’ll see!

Until next time …….sweet dreams


Abstract Beach

Got in the “studio” today for a bit and this is one I came up with. Started out as an abstract of blues and brown just loosely dropped in on a wet piece of paper.

I walked away and left it to dry completely before deciding what I would do with it. I saw a beach scene when I looked at it. Put a blue wash across the center of the paper, bad composition, for the ocean at the horizon, added a little more brown at the sand level and some yellow sun shining through and of course birds! The waves, so to speak, were done with white gouache. As I look at it now in the photo the yellow is a bit harsh but it is an abstract so I’ll leave it alone!

Until next time…….think of sunshine and a warm beach day!

Bushels of Carnations

I did this little painting a week or so ago and finally put some finishing touches on it to post. This was done from a travel photo from our stop in Florence a few years ago. We visited a farmers market that was taking place and this one vendor had bushels of carnations as far as the eye could see! My painting only captures a small part of the overall scene but I think you get the ideas. What a pleasant site it was.

I used 140 lb Canson watercolor paper cut at 6 x 9 size and my Winsor & Newton Cotman paints.

Until next time…..can’t you just smell the flowers in the warm spring breeze.

Watering Can Bouquet

This is a 6 x 9 watercolor painting done just messing with some new paints I picked up. They are just a cheapie set of pearlecent watercolors that have 16 different little pans of glittery colors. I thought they would be good for art journaling and for adding little touches of sparkle to small paintings.  I was mostly interested in the metal colors.  That is one I used on this painting for the watering can. I used a pillow actually that has this picture on it as my inspiration! For messing around I think it is an ok painting. I also used 6 x 9 watercolor paper that I picked up by the Bee Paper Company. I tried this in the past and like it so bought another pack of it. Comes in a 25 sheet package.

Keep getting side tracked into other projects, need to set aside at least and hour or two for my little watercolor paintings. Stay tuned we’ll see how that goes!

Until next time follow that rainbow! See my next post you’ll understand.


Pink House

This is another 4 x 6 small watercolor painting that I did today. Not my best effort, as I sit here looking at it. I was inspired once again by a travel photo of this run down house in Madeira Portugal. It is a pink house with a lovely white covered porch that looked so inviting surrounded by lush greenery. I just wanted to sit on that porch and look out at the people passing by. Brought back pleasant memories of a brief stop to see a new place in the world.

Until next time……sit for a bit and observe.

Winter Mountain Stream Scene

This scene pretty much just painted its self. I had paint left on the palette and just started painting. First the mountain, then the large green pine on the right and the rest just came to be. The winter trees and last I added the stream.

This is a 9 x 12 on 140 lb Canson with my W & N Cotmans. I guess I’m missing the winter scenes I’m used to seeing this time of year when back home in New Jersey! Although there are no mountains in the part of the state where I used to live. Happy with the final result even though there was no plan when I started. Sometimes without a reference or a plan I get the most pleasant paintings.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and many hopes, dreams and goals for the coming year.

Until next time……stay warm and cozy

Alfresco in Verona

This is an 8 x 10 watercolor done from a travel photo taken when visiting Verona Italy a couple of years ago.

This alfresco restaurant was just off of a piazza and was so eye catching with the red and white table clothes and plants all around. The warm colors and soft lighting made you want to sit right down and enjoy a meal.

I also did another painting from the same palette of another photo taken that same day in Verona. This one was of a street that had another attractive restaurant with a nice sign, menu and greenery growing around the entry way.

These two paintings will remain together as a set. See how nice they look side by side!

20171222 Verona Pair

They neither one came out as I had planned but I am happy with the two of them as a set

Until next time…..how about an italian  meal!

Watercolor Abstract

Today I went in a different direction. I did my first watercolor abstract painting. Drew some random lines and went from there. Filled in each section with bright deep colors, threw salt on it while it was wet and when it completely dried I did the black outlining with a tiny brush and payne’s grey paint.

I’m happy with it, no idea what it is or what it represents but it was freeing and fun to do.

Here is a Christmas card I did in 2011, I had used an existing card for the scene so not my original thought or photo.  I think it is a good little painting. May even use it again for cards in the future!

2011 Christmas card

Until next time…..let loose and go for it!