To the Beach 5 x 5 Small W/C Painting

5 x 5 small watercolor painting done for a frame I have that holds two 5 x 5 pictures or in this case paintings.

Purchased this double frame from a thrift store so I could display two paintings at a time of different seasons or holidays. My thought was to change things out each season or as I painted new small works to display. This never seemed to happen so I packed it away and had actually forgotten about it. While searching for some mats and frames the other day I came across it and quickly decided I must have it out again and painted two beach scenes to go into it.

This was the first painting of the two. Nice fenced walkway leading to the beach. The second one is a sunset beach view which I will post at a later time.

Not my best work but framed and sitting here in the “studio” they look decent. For my collection and I’m pleased with the results.

Until next time…….fill you walls and home with what you create and love to look at


Ink & Watercolor 5 x 7 Painting

Here is another small painting, 5 x 7, to match my shell painting posted on 12/30. Using the same palette of colors to make a pair of like themed painting, of course beach being the theme!

I taped these watercolor pages to 5 x 7 size so they can easily be framed in a standard store bought 8 x 10 frame with a 5 x 7 mat. This is how I keep my personal art collection from being expensive but easily changeable.

Currently I am concentrating on producing art for my own use or for family and friends. I get more accomplished when I stop doing what I think others will like. Going with my gut and let the art just happen. I always have a somewhat plan of what I want to do and then it turns out totally different!

For instance, here are two quick sketches I did for two canvas’s that will be painted as a pair. I’ll show you the final results when the two are complete and I bet they will be nothing like these! I’m doing these on 18 x 24 stretched canvas with acrylics. These are for a family member that needs a set of large paintings for a specific space. We agreed on size and colors only, leaving the abstract art up to me!

20190106 sketch insert

The colors aren’t right for the finished product but I was trying to see a composition that would work. The top set I’m afraid will become to realistic since it is a reflective painting.  I would like trees or buildings at the top reflecting down in a stretched out water type scene. I don’t know that I could be abstract enough for this type of painting!

The bottom two are just random paint following a somewhat landscape feel but just flowing from one painting to the other. I think I could keep this one more abstract than the other.

Until next time…….what project are you contemplating

“Cotton” 9 x 12 Watercolor Painting

This painting was one I had been wanting to try, painting natural cotton. Decided to go with a 9 x 12 piece of paper and just watercolors. I went at it with a looseness surrounding the puffs of cotton which I had drawn on the paper in advance.

Looking at it now I wish the background were a bit darker. I painted this the other evening after dark.  The desire to paint it at that moment was more important than holding the thought until morning and sunlight to work with! Over all I like the finished product. Lately I’ve been painting with my own likes and dislikes for mounting and hanging in my home. I suddenly like the idea of displaying my work so I can look at it throughout the house and appreciate what I have to share!

Until next time…….paint or create something just for you

Watercolor Beach Painting

Working on the beach scenes again on this 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 small watercolor painting.

Found this one while sorting through my past paintings and trying to keep things organized!

I like the simplicity of it and the fact that I didn’t overwork it. I did this one from imagination not an actual photo. Nothing was given a lot of thought just a quick laying down of medium to capture the sky, water and path leading to the beach.

Haven’t gotten to paint yet this week so still finding small treasures that weren’t previously shared!

Until next time…….follow your own path to the beach or place that brings you happiness

ACEO Small Watercolor Lake Scene

This is an ACEO of morning clouds over the lake that caught my attention. Quick little painting done swiftly to try and capture the moment.

I’m happy with the result as I did get the feeling of the strange clouds, the reflection on the lake and the Florida landscape in the background.

I have many paintings that I haven’t posted and have been going through them deciding which ones I feel are worthy of a post. As I haven’t been painting as much as I would like to of late, due to family issues and life in general that must be dealt with.

Hoping to get in the studio over the coming months as the year comes to a close once again. Holiday cards to plan and paint and many more courses online that I would like to check out.

Until next time……..look up to the skies for inspiration

Small Beach Painting, Hutchinson Island

This small beach waterclor painting is 4 1/2 x 6. It is from a field photo of Hutchinson Island Beach. We took a short beach vacation down there to check out the area as we had never been there! Beautiful beach with a roaring warm surf. It was a nice day with white puffy clouds and sunlight creating wonderful blues and greens in the water.

My thought was to do a quick and loose capture of that moment in time while it was still fresh in my own mind. I think it is a pretty good little painting. The clouds show movement and I left enough white in the ocean area to give a feeling of the rough surf.

Until next time………listen to the ocean as she speaks

ACEO Watercolor Art NJ Beach Study

This ACEO is of the Ocean City Beach here in New Jersey on a cloudy somber day. It is just a quick study I did from a photo taken on the beach on a cloudy and windy day. I tried to capture the light rays trying to shine through the cloud layer.

I haven’t had as much time to paint as I had hoped. With family, grandsons and outdoor time when we do have downtime we find ourselves resting! We spend a great deal of time in the car traveling to and from as no one is really close by the beach. But for us our time up here has to be by the ocean to enjoy all it has to offer!

We’ve had our share of cloudy and misty days but it does not stop us as we get out as much as possible. The beach is all inspiring and puts everything into perspective.

Until next time……..enjoy your favorite outdoor place and never take it for granted

Watercolor Small Art Florida Pasture

This small watercolor painting is a Florida pasture scene done from a field photo of a area close to our home. A slightly hilly, wooded backdrop area close to the road and often filled with cattle.

I did this framed in 4 x 6 painting to experiment with trying out a cattle scene without doing too much detail. I wanted the cattle to be recognizable without having to be too detailed in the painting of them. Some are better than others but I think I got what I was going for. This is a small study that I would like to do as a larger painting at some point.

We live in central Florida in the horse capital of the United States although in the area we are in there are far more cattle ranches than horse farms. I love seeing the cattle in the fields at all times of the year. Local landscapes are of interest and hopefully I will paint more of them in the future. I get to caught up in the beach and ocean scenes a bit too much sometimes!

Until next time……..out to pasture is not so bad a place to be


Small Watercolor Floral Wisteria & Honeysuckle

This small 4 x 6 watercolor painting was inspired by a photo taken at our old home. We added a pergola to the back of the house over a brick paved patio for some shade.
We planted local wisteria plants transplanted from my husband’s brother’s property. Theses eventually, maybe two or three years later, did in fact take off and covered the pergola for a beautiful display in the spring and summer. I can smell them as I look at the photos and remember all too well their sweet aroma and trailing beauty.

Planted in the ground to climb the post was a red honeysuckle plant. Oh how the humming birds loved this one!

I tried to focus on the pergola and plants without giving much detail to the background. I think I accomplished that. I get a good feeling when I look at this painting and I hope you as the viewer do to.  This one I outlined in pencil as sort of a border for a clean neat look. Not sure why since the paper is 4 x 6 which now becomes about 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 which makes it rather awkward to frame! I like it though, pleasant memories captured in a painting.

Until next time…….what memories would you like you be able to capture and how

Watercolor Small Art 4 x 6 Painting

This small watercolor painting was a little study I did a month or so ago. It is an imaginary scene but kinda taken from the lake behind our home. Sometimes it is so still and the water reflections need to be captured! Even if just from memory and imagination.

I thought I had posted this but can’t see where I did. Not a finished piece but a quick study to work on reflections. Bodies of water, if not an ocean, really draw me in.

This was when I had some 4 x 6’s cut and ready for some paint. One day I may surprise myself and break out with a large sheet of watercolor paper and have a go at turning one of these little studies into a large piece of work. In the mean time I’m greatful for the ability to be able pick up and go on long or short journey’s and take along my travel art kit and create what small pieces I can.

Until next time……reflect on today as nothing is promised for any tomorrows