The Baths Tortola

Posting a beach scene today as it was rather warm in Florida today. Coudn’t handle posting another snow scene.

I didn’t get to paint again today, this is getting old, I have to carve out some time tomorrow to pick up a brush and do something! So this little painting was done during April a few weeks back as I was going through the vacation photos looking for beach scenes. This was a stop on a recent cruise that stopped in Tortola BVI and we took a ferry over to the Baths which I believe are part of Virgin Gorda. Beautiful place and an interesting trip walking through the granite rocks and this maze of water and boulders.

The photo I used for this is just a small piece of the overall view from the beach looking back toward the formation you just came through.  I didn’t capture the rocks as I would have liked to but I’m thrilled with how the water coming onto the sand came out! Not a bad little painting.

Today I actually got my domain name and a hosting site for the switch over to make this blog more professional. Not sure when I will take the plunge but hopefully sooner than later. I also spent a few hours doing photos and listings stuff for the Etsy opening. Stay tuned as I move forward with taking my art to the next level!

Until next time…….be afraid of something and do it, that is the only way you grow


River Walk Breckenridge Colorado

Guess what, I didn’t paint again today! Getting into too many other projects, and of course life just gets in the way.

Anyway, here is another ACEO from our trip last week to Breckenridge, CO. After the snowy days and warmer temperatures set in we ventured out not far from where we were staying.  We kept seeing this pathway and River Walk that ran along route 9 a main highway into town and I think the Blue River. It was a very pleasant walk and I took a lot of pictures, of course. I painted this one on one of the last days we were there. It kinda captured what we experienced. We walked along the rock lined pathway among wintery landscape with more greenery close to us but still snow capped mountain in the far off distance. The water was flowing rather rapidly for such a small body of water, I guess snow melt from the mountains contributed to that. But the sound was fabulous, I wish I had recorded a bit of it to listen to. So peaceful and calming.

So….I hope to get somethings done tomorrow. Some painting would be great and hopeful that I can get some work done on the Etsy Shop as time permits.

Until next time…….stop and listen to nature all around us


Looking Over Lake Dillon

Here is another ACEO I did while in Colorado. This was looking out over Lake Dillon, really a reservior. I liked the snow covered mountain in the back drop with the green lower mountain slooping toward the lake. The land mass coming out from the right was also an interesting focal point. Just a quick study, not alot of detail but I’m happy with what I captured.

Didn’t get to paint again today as life keeps getting in the way. Never enough hours in the day.

Until next time……..keep it simple

Snow Covered Mountains

Ok, we’re back home after spending a week in Breckenridge Colorado. Why would someone leave sunny Florida in late April early May when there is still snow on the mountains? We asked ourselves that very same question when we realized it wouldn’t be very warm there during our stay. We’d never been to the state before and thought why not! It is a very beautiful part of the country and we did see things we don’t see here on the east coast. Mountain goats along the side of the road, buffalo roaming in fields like our cattle here in Florida, elk running through the wild and on our last day heading to the airport a hugh moose standing on the side of the road nibbling on the trees!

I took my travel painting kit and did in fact paint a few ACEOs while there. I never painted snow and was really at a loss as to how to go about it. Leaving the paper unpainted is tough for me! This scene is one of my attempts. I think it is pretty good. The land, gravel and clay like, is showing through where the snow has melted and the lower areas are green as the snow is gone from there already. This was done from a field photo taken while riding around and looking out at a distance.

Snow and cold weather are far from my area of comfort, but it is fun to have these photos and little studies I did while there.

I see my scheduled posts appeared as planned but I’m back on real time now and have plenty prepared works to post in the coming weeks.

Still working on making changes to the web site but unsure how or when that will take place! Still working on the Etsy Shop also but such time consuming projects and only so many hours in a day. Stay tuned.

Until next time…….mountains or beaches, for me beaches

Stopping to Buy Flowers

This is a 5 x 7  painting I did from a travel photo taken on a cruise that stopped in Lisbon Portugal. This was a long hallway type area off of the main square there in town. I was photographing the arches overhead and the length of the area when I noticed the gentlemen stopping to buy a bouquet of flowers. The vendor there along the store fronts was isolated and made for a nice focal point on the way into the back of the painting.

I like the way this one came out. I got the architectural effects in a subtle way, the arches, the tile patterned flooring and the bright yellow of the building showing through at the end of the long space.

Until next time……..stop and smell the flowers

Yellow Lifeguard Stand

This is a large painting for me, 9 x 12. I did this one earlier in the month after returning from the last cruise we took. From a vacation inspired photo taken on a beach we went to on Barbados. I loved the yellow lifeguard stand and wanted to paint it as soon as I saw it!

I tried to capture alot of the surrounding scenery and may have over did it a bit. Didn’t quite get the feel I was going for. Some of it is recognizable but not what I was trying to convey.

Until next time…….remember keep it simple


Ramshackled Living

This little ACEO was from a travel photo taken along the river we were on while taking a cruise excursion during a recent cruise. I don’t have the details of where we were but this ramshackled cabin was so enchanting I had to take a photo with the intention of painting it one day. I could have stopped and moved into it in a heart beat. Lovely location in the heavily wooded tropical forest, literally right at the rivers edge!

This isn’t the best of paintings as it was just a quick study for hopefully a larger work at a later date. I like it though and hope you get the feeling I was trying to convey, couldn’t you just stand on that porch and watch the river go by each and every day?

Until next time…….make the best of your surroundings no matter the circumstances

Blowing Palms

Took a photo while on vacation some time back while cruising. Not sure where we were that I took this but the wind was blowing and I was struck by the orange colored building. I liked the look of the palms blowing in front, and I think I captured that in the painting.  The shuttered doors on the balcony were a very inviting scene, the kind of place that I thought would be a great place to stay!

This is an ACEO, my latest fun thing to paint! Love that I can capture a tiny scene in a small amount of time.

Until next time……..blow with the wind and be free

Stream at Dusk

Did this ACEO a few weeks ago. Just trying out my composition and lead in technique so to speak! I like this little study. The water leads you in and there is an element of wonder as to what is in among the trees, is that a house in there? The colors are drab and the sky is getting dark. I like it.

Didn’t get to paint today as we are getting ready to leave again for a week. I hope to set up some posts for next week while we’re away. Have to get my Playing Card Challenge post in tomorrow and for next Friday too! Gonna be busy tomorrow.

Until next time…….be prepared for the unexpected

Carnation Bouquet

Did this little ACEO the other day and forgot to take a photograph of it. I really like this one! Abstract a bit but rather nice to look at.  An imaginary scene of carnations in a blue vase.

I didn’t post yesterday as I was busy working on the prints that came back from the printer. Since I ordered 8 ACEO’s on an 8 x 10 size print I had to cut them out and get them matted and ready to photograph for the Shop. I ordered 16 different ACEOs, 2 prints of each to start out with so I have alot of photography to get done. I’ve written the descriptions, prepared the Certificates of Authenticity and a label to attach to the back of each one. It is a very time comsuming task to get everything ready to list. I had forgotten how much time it takes. But I will not open the Shop until I feel it is all I want it to be.

I painted a little today and hope to do some of the photography tomorrow.

Until next time…..patience and perseverance get the job done