Lost Cabin

While doing an exercise for the online art class I’m doing I came across this painting from a couple of years ago. I was going through old work to look for signs of my “unique” style. What I was looking for were clues about what I like to paint, color palette that appears frequently, certain markings that I favor and what medium I find most appealing. This took some time! Didn’t realize I had done so much art in the past. I went through a portfolio of all the works I did when I actually paid for an online art course back in the early 2000’s!  This was an enlightening way to spend the morning. Didn’t get all the answers to my questions but had fun looking through everything.

I don’t remember doing this painting, I remember the experience by the paper because it was a bad sheet of a name brand paper that was defective in some way. It almost flaked and peeled away as I was working on it so I tossed it aside as an unfinished piece. Of course I had to mess with the painting and attempt to finish it and since ruined what I had, so glad I did a before photo! I do love the way this looked even with the imperfections! It’s haunting to me as I don’t know where the inspiration or subject matter came from. It is a watercolor and I had lightly touched a few of the leaves with yellow pastel. It measures 10 1/2 x 7 1/2 .

I need to draw from the fact that I have been painting for quite some time and do have my own hidden talents. Tapping into that place where it comes from is not always easy though.

Until next time….take a stroll through your memories of earlier works for possibly a renewed sense of inspiration.


Floral Watercolor

Didn’t get to work at all in the “studio” today too many other obligations and poor time management on my part. Could have done something even if just for a short time.

Posting today is a watercolor I did yesterday.  Started out as a large floral watercolor, part of pair, I intend to hang in a set of frames over our bed in the master bedroom.  I have a pair of prints there currently that work just fine with the decor but wanted to do something of my own and use the frames.  Was inspired by another artists work that I saw online and tried to do something similar with my own twist. The large in focus flower is copied from a pattern on our comforter and the remaining loose background of wild flowers just a random hodge podge. Didn’t come out as planned so I added some gouache to kind of enhance it a bit. Still not what I was looking for.  Signed and thought it was complete but I find myself thinking maybe some pastel markings in a few places may do it some good! It actually photographed better than it really looks. This is a large piece for me, slightly larger than 11 x 14, as that would be the matt size it would need for my frames. May see this return in a later post if I rework it in any way. Definitely not going on the wall at this point.

Here is my day 3 Christmas card, also done yesterday

20171013 Christmas Card 3

Bold and bright, my reason for the season card.

Until tomorrow….floral dreams to all

Christmas Cards – 7 Day Challenge

Today I started the 7 day challenge presented as part of that online mini art class I signed up for.  The challenge is to do a seven piece series of a themed subject. Since I like to make hand made Christmas cards and I always procrastinate I thought okay here’s my chance to get a jump start! Seven little Christmas themed paintings in whatever medium or mediums I choose.  I got seven different small pieces of watercolor paper ready and jumped right in. I had searched pinterest yesterday looking for some ideas, so they may look familiar to some of you if you’ve searched this subject there. Of course I can’t just do one per day I had to do three today of which only one is acceptable anyway, go figure. The keeper is my post. A design I spotted and borrowed from pinterest.


Here are the none keepers

20171011 Cards No

The one on the left is definitely one I will revisit the stained glass looking ornament probably not! What I’ll do when I’m finished is have the good ones made into prints or try printing them myself and attach to front of blank cards so the recipient can keep the small print as a keepsake.

This isn’t all I did today. I spent several hours on a large canvas that I started in oils about 6 or 7 years ago. I pulled it out of storage the other day when I was oil inspired and started working on it again.  It has been so long it certainly is dry and makes for a great under painting. I don’t even know what oil paints I used, probably a student grade, but I went with the good ones this time and I’m really happy how it is shaping up. I hope to post it shortly.  It still needs a few final touches, I only hope I stop in time before I ruin it!

Until tomorrow, only 74 shopping days ’til Christmas!


Back Home at Last

Arrived back in Florida after being away for August and September.   Blessed to have spent so much time with family and friends while in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Parent surgeries over and have a happy healthy new grandson.  All in all a good trip although long.

Finally making my way back into a routine and started painting again.  Really feeling bored with my water colors and have purchased some addition tubes of oils.  Really want to find a way to work with such a great medium, I’m so messy though I find it a real challenge. I’ve started planning a way to store the paintings for drying since that is a big part of not forging forward with them.  My “studio” is a corner of the spare bedroom and we’re in a 55 plus community so our home isn’t that large! I can’t let that stop me from painting and will find a way!

Here I’ve posted a grouping of small watercolors that I’ve done the last couple of days.  Still in a beachy mood and love trying skies and water.  Nothing to write home about but at least I’m back at it.

Looking forward to moving ahead with my paintings and hope I haven’t gotten to rusty after so long!

Until next time, forge forward!

Sunset Beach Inland

Not getting as much painting done as I had hoped!  Too many people to see and fun things to do!

This is another beach scene from our trip down to Sunset
Beach in Cape May NJ last week.  I was able to do some sketching while my husband was doing a bit of fishing.  Lovely, quiet beach with very few people coming and going.

This was done with my Winsor and Newton Cotmans on 140 lb watercolor paper that was 9 x 6 in size.  Just a quick little painting to keep me in practice.

Until next time

Pier Reflection

Another beach scene painted from a photo taken the other day.  The fishing pier in Ocean City NJ not far from where we are staying.

Loved the reflection of the pier as it appeared on the sand in a couple of areas.  Not great but I captured the reflections pretty well and got the over all feeling of the day.  This is another small painting 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 using watercolor only, my Winsor & Newton Cotmans.

Keep in mind I don’t have my scanner here and I am taking photos of my paintings to post with my phone so they are what they are.  I can scan and update them when I get back home, but for now at least I can post my progress!  Trying to get lots of photos for future paintings back home and doing some sketches when we’re out and about.

Until next time be safe in the wake of the storm my Florida friends and neighbors!

Back at the Beach

After being unable to paint for the last month I have finally gotten to the condo on the beach and gotten out the paints!!!  Yeahhhhh!  I have so missed this.

It’s been an interesting month to say the least.  Drove up north on August 3rd and 4th. Father went through heart surgery with no issues, thank you lord, and we have him almost back to normal.  Second grandson was born healthy and happy at the end of August and we were able to bond with him and our 1st grandson for a few weeks.  Now it is our turn for some R & R.    Have the condo for the month of September and hope to get back into a routine of painting whenever possible.

This morning brought out the paints and did a quick beach scene from a photo I took the other day.  Happy with the results, actually thought I might forget how to paint,  but it came together nicely.

This is a small 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 piece of 140 lb water color paper that I cut several of so I could paint small while here.  Not sure which brand it is but it handled well for the wetness I used to create this small painting.

Good to be back, until next time keep your toes in the sand!


Tuscan Countryside

I’m posting this via my phone to see how this is going to work while I’m away. We will have a secure internet connection once we get to the OC condo in September.  In the mean time I hope to update my blog via phone.

So far I’m ok but can’t seem to get the painting photo on the site!

Okay got it.  I had to photograph it with the phone anyway due to size.  This is a large watercolor 12 x 15 which I added ink to at the end because it looked undone!

This will be the new normal until I’m settled in September!!

Until next time…packed and ready to hit the road.



ACEO Post 2

Today I actually spent quite a bit of time painting.  Started out doing a soft pastel landscape on a gesso coated piece of watercolor paper from a prior mess up.  Didn’t come out good at all.  Next I tried a small oil pastel on a tinted canvas piece that I had ready and did a beach boat scene, also not good!  Finally said give up and do a watercolor and be done with it!  Also not good.  Sooooo, spent a lot of time practicing with nothing to post.  Since I had four new little ACEO’s done just sitting there said if I’m gonna post something why not them!

So here they are.  Covered Bridge, from a Lancaster PA trip, Resort, from Marco Island visit last month, Iris, just a study and Black Eyed Susan’s from a recent photo! These seem to calm me when I get out of control and feel I’ve lost it all!  They take a bit of patience and control that I seem to lack these days when dealing with a large landscape scene.

What I did today may be reworked and completed at a later time who knows?  I hate wasting all that good paper you know so I will never throw anything away. There is always hope that I can salvage them into something worthy when the right mood strikes me.

Until next time, keep trying.

Sea Oats at Sunset

Got back in the “studio” today and painted a couple of things.  Started out painting this same picture with acrylics and hated it.  Did a rather large canvas so must try to fix it when I’m in a better frame of mind.  Every time I get out those acrylics I’m unhappy with them and have trouble keeping them from drying out on the pallet!

So I went back to the trusty watercolors and painted this small painting.  Used a combination of two travel photos to get this rendition.  A colorful stormy sky from one of the Marco Island photos, when it rained the whole trip, and the beach scene from Myrtle Beach.   I like the way it turned out, could be a better composition but all in all a good little 7 1/2 x 11 painting.

I spent a lot of time online today looking at other artists work to see what really speaks to me.  I’m still in love with oils but just can’t get past the dry time involved.  Looked at a lot of pastel work that I seem to be drawn to.  Maybe tomorrow will be a day to try something different.

Until next time, dream big.