Travel Photo Inspired Watercolor 5 x 7

This 5 x 7 travel photo inspiration came about yesterday. I’ve had the photo in mind to try and paint for some time now. I still keep looking at it and I’m not too sure how I feel about it. It does in fact look very realistic to the photo but it’s one of those skies that are unbelievable when painted. I went with a 5 x 7 size because an ACEO was too small and going large, well out of my comfort zone but I think large might be a good option should I try it again!

We were cruising in the Caribbean and I caught this view as we were preparing to go to dinner. Had to capture the colors and the vastness of the ocean. The darkness of the water and the reflections were amazing not to mention the grey clouds and the sky.

I think it is an acceptable rendition of the the scene even if the sky is a bit over worked.

Until next time…….may you always be humbled when looking at the vastness of the ocean

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Watercolor Original 8 x 10 Marshy River

This is an imaginary marshy river scene I painted yesterday. I was feeling inspired after watching some YouTube videos of painting! This is an 8 x 10 painting, go figure, I’ve been so reluctant to go larger than my little ACEO’s lately.

I’m actually feeling a bit of stress relief after opening the shop and publishing the other website. I actually relaxed a bit yesterday and did some painting. Feels good I must say, everything is out of my hands so to speak. Yes, there is still work to do to keep adding to the Shop and posting to two blogs but it’s a different kind of work pressure. One I find enjoyable and fulfilling.

So this 8 x 10 was in inspiration from a video I watched and my own imaginary scene.  I like the way it came out and feel I may start working on some larger paintings. I still have many ideas on the back burner and want to get to sooo many of them! Hopefully now I can create more and do less computer work.

Until next time……..take a walk in the woods

ACEO Watercolor Beach Welcome

This ACEO is of an imaginary beach scene with a welcoming walkway leading down to the beach. I tried, and I think succeeded, in keeping it loose and fresh not overworked.

This is another small painting which seems to my favorite option these days when I have a few minutes to spend painting. Better a quick little effort than nothing at all.

I’ve been a rather busy beaver these last few days. I made up my mind to open the Etsy Shop with the items I have and flipped the live button on the hosted website. Had a few gliches to work out but it seems to be up and running.

I hope those of you following me here will take a look and let me have your thoughts and feedback! I’m excited but also biased, I’ve been looking at this stuff for so long now and preparing it that I’m sure I’m missing things.

Here are the links to both, give me a shout out and let me know what you think, I’d really appreciate it!

Esty Shop        New Website

I plan on continuing to post here as long as it doesn’t get too confusing with both sites as this is my easy peasy place to share my progress.

You’ll see at the new site I have a different direction I am heading with that space. I’m going to try and monitize the site and make some affiliate money through it.  Driving traffic to the Etsy Shop via the blog and my Pinterest followers is my focus for the time being.

Thanks for sticking with me here and hopefully you’ll check me out as I grow and change through the other media outlets.

Until next time…….growth and learning is always a good thing

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Watercolor Painting Golden Pasture

This small art watercolor, 4 x 6, was done with a Koh-I-Noor Watercolour Wheel Stack Pack. This is a four wheel stack of pan watercolors that I carry for doing quick little studies or for journaling.

I pulled them out the other day just because of the variety of colors already to go with no mixing needed. Came up with this imaginary barn and pasture scene. Colors are pretty bold and rich and I kinda like the composition.

I call it Golden Pasture because of the sunlight shining on the pasture. Not as loose as I would like it to be but an okay scene for just messing around. A bit lacking on the left side I need a horizon off in the distance instead of the sky coming down to the hedge row. Oh well, maybe next go round!

Until next time……if I can no longer create put me out to pasture


Watercolor ACEO Tuscan Hillside

ACEO of an imaginary scene of a tuscan hillside scene from memory of a trip there a few years ago. The hillside and countryside is just as you would imagine it to be. Rolling hills that seem to go on forever as far as the eye can see. The purple hillsides are lavender fields, which I do in fact think grow there, can’t say for sure!

This ACEO was done with my Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolors that I use for most all of my watercolors these days. Still using the Canson 140 lb watercolor paper too. I’m reluctant to change my tools as I’m so comfortable with these. At some point I need to make the plunge to purchase truly professional watercolors and have a go at it and see if it would improve my paintings! I’m a true believer that your brushes are more important than any other factor when using watercolor. As time and practice continue I’ll see where that opinion lies in the future.

The projects I want to do are constantly floating around in my mind just not enough hours in the day to get to them all. Since creativity and painting is my “hobby” life just seems to get in the way too often!

Until next time………imagine yourself walking through a lavender field in Tuscany and how it feels

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Venice Scene ACEO Watercolor

This little ACEO is a watercolor of a Venice scene facing across the canal at San Giorgio Maggiore.  I used a vacation photo for reference in a rather loose rendition!

I thought I was finished with the painting but then tweaked it a bit a few days later by darkening some of the colors. It isn’t a detailed painting but I did capture the main elements of the Bell Tower and the Palladio church on the island to make it recognizable.

Happy with this one after the improvements. I’m trying to get my paintings richer and deeper in hue. I have a tendency to paint very pale flat looking scenes.

Keeping quite creative these days although not always sticking to painting. My mind is wondering and new ideas keep surfacing. I wish my body could keep up to all of the ideas I’m pondering to try! More on this in the future. In the mean time I’ll keep posting here and sharing the paintings along with the Playing Card Challenge items each week.

Until next time………when inspiration speaks… listen

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ACEO Original Watercolor

This ACEO, Art Card Originals & Editions, is an imaginary scene of a barn type out building, Barn Scene I call it. Set against the woods and having fenced in areas or pastures that surround it.

I was doing a study of back drop trees and trying to obtain a deep hue with the paints. I’m rather pleased with the result and wanted to share it.

For those of you unfamiliar with ACEO’s they are small, 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches in size, actually the size of a playing card or a baseball card. Artist’s started creating these to trade with other artists and to give away with their information on them. They have become popular and many artists now sell them.

I’m still hooked on these small art paintings and continue to try and paint some each day. Not always an easy task but one worth striving for!

Until next time……good things do come in small packages

This item is available to purchase in the Etsy Shop – click here to view

ACEO Watercolor Quiet Caribbean

I did this ACEO watercolor and gouache yesterday while knocking out a few 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch little gems.

I had the gouache out for adding some white to another painting and decided I wanted to do a whole little painting with them. It didn’t turn out that way as the watercolors are always right there so of course I had to use them also. I think it is a quiet little water scene that I call quiet caribbean. I’m pleased with it, as at least I got in there and painted for quite a bit.

The other site is coming along I’ve been removing alot of the stuff that moved over from this site and adding new content. I’m steering it into a direction of not just my art but the processes that got me to the new site and the Etsy shop. Hoping to make it a helpful and informative site for creative people to not just come and look but to learn something in the process.

Until next time………find your quiet

ACEO Watercolor White Heron

This ACEO was done with my Winsor & Newton Cotmans this morning after watching this Great White Heron in search of his, or her, breakfast.

The reflection in the water is what caught my attention. The water was quiet and still and I was moved to run in and paint it while it was fresh in my mind!

I haven’t been as motivated as I would like of late. I did prepare 8 playing cards yesterday as an idea struck me for the upcoming weeks. I’m planning a series of sorts, four cards with a similar background and theme. Check back on that later in the week when I do my weekly post!

Lots going on and always distractions.

Until next time…… one small thing everyday that puts  you closer to your goal!

Watercolor ACEO Lake Observation

This ACEO was painted en plein air this morning. Lake observation I call it, as that was exactly what I was doing.

Yeah, I finally took some time to paint!

It was a beautiful morning, not too hot at an early hour. Took my paints and my coffee out on the lanai and painted a couple of little beauties.

Felt good to be painting again, even if for a short while. Must allow myself the time to paint first thing in the morning before ideas and life get in the way!

Until next time…….take time to observe