The site has been moved successfully, got all my posts, photos and pretty much everything over to the new site and theme!  YEEEAAAHHHHH!!

I’m taking this week to set things up and learn how to work in the new environment.

As soon as I make it public I will post the address here and hope those of you following me will come along and see what and how my future endeavers pan out!

I have set it up so I can continue to blog and show my works but with room to grow as I branch out to other venues.

See you all soon and thinks for listening

Until next time……..growth and learning is always a good thing


Migration Day

I am currently in the process of switching over to my .com web address, appears it may take longer than I thought! So for the time being I’m still here on WordPress.com but not sure when this will no longer be visible. Wish me luck and hopefully I’ll be posting again real soon with no noticeable change!

Until next time……fingers crossed

The Challenge has begun!

Today marks the first day of my challenge to draw or paint something everyday until I am comfortable doing so and start seeing improvement.  I do this to not only document my progress but to make art become a habit!  I’ve seen other blogs where people take challenges to paint a picture a day for 30 days or whatever and share among themselves. I’ve never tried any of those as I think of those people as true artists and become intimated by them!!

I don’t have a favorite medium, actually haven’t found my niche so to speak.  I’ll be trying many different things as this site evolves.  Love oils, hate the mess, would like to conquer watercolor as I find it so refreshing yet so hard.  Acrylics I must try again as it has been a long time.  I do have all mediums and intend to try them all and hopefully find the one or ones that I can at least be comfortable with and produce the type of works I imagine.

Welcome aboard, or not, this could be an adventure or a disaster time will tell. I am not an artist but rather an ordinary person who enjoys drawing and painting. I take many photos with the intention of painting a beautiful masterpiece from each and every one. I’m not formally trained although I have taken a few classes and even did an extensive online art class many years ago.  This site is to hold me accountable to myself only and hopefully one day someone may find inspiration from my persistence.