Playing Card Challenge Week #13

TGIF, it has been a looooong and stressful week. The new site is up, I am posting this here and copying it there because I’m not sure anyone trying to find me can just yet. I understand it takes search engines a while to recognize new web sites! I’ve learned and stressed about way more techie stuff than I care to mention at this point.

I did get to paint a little the last two days, today I worked on a couple of the playing cards and starting to feel inspired again to get in there and create.

This card is a bit weak again this time, but at least I got it done. I used heavy gel medium to coat the card first. Once it was dry I tried a technique I’d read about where you spread mod podge down, press a printed page on top of it quickly and rub really hard over it. I used a credit card to do this since I don’t have brayer. Then gently lift the page away and the print will stay down. You can rub away the remnants of paper or leave a bit behind for some texture. After that dried I added the rainbow and wording. Finally a thin coat of mod podge to set it all.  As you can see the marker started to run when I wet it so I had to go over the words again at the end. Not a stable piece of artwork by any means but I tried something new which is what this challenge is all about, right?

Until next time………..stay the course

PS: Ok, I’m going over to the new site and copying this post there. I am going to say that I hope anyone following me here will check out the new site.  It contains everything here and will be growing and evolving as things change for me over there. I have room to grow and share more. I plan to try monetizing the site and make some money doing some affiliate marketing for products I use and love. There’s even room for a portfolio of work that I could sell if I so choose.  Lots of changes still to come but at least it is moved over!


Playing Card Challenge Week 12

Ok, hey there, I’m still here! This post is my playing card challenge for week 12 already. It is a poor effort I’m afraid. I was feeling spring in the air and leaves coming out. So went with a bright shiny yellow acrylic paint lightly on the card and cut out some leaves from the dictionary pages, glued them on, put a little green watercolor on them and drew a stem! Not much work but it is kinda cute, don’t you think?

I’ve still not painted which I think makes it like a week now. The last few days have been spent working on the migration or should I say non migration. That is a whole story there. In a nut shell, I think I’ll be posting from here for a bit, maybe forever! Seems I have to start from scratch pretty much so I’m rethinking how I want a new site to look and function for the coming years. So much for one click installation! I have the domain and hosting so a new web site it will be. Not sure if I can pull this blog into it somehow but sure hope so, I don’t want to lose what I’ve done here over the last year. Worse case I’ll stay here and blog and create something different there.

Until next time…….when it is out of your contol no sense in worrying about it

Playing Card Challenge Week 11

Dictionary pages drawn on and cut out for the flower. Acrylic under painting done with left over paint from another project I had been working on. This was a very abstract attempt at a flower with the paint and I came up with the dictionary page overlay to sort of pull it together.

I like this one, simple but effective. This would be a good way to do a large mixed media board in the future. In my spare time, right. My mind wants to do much more than a day allows for. I have soooo many ideas and they all take TIME. Oh well, not a bad place to be huh.

Until next time…….thoughts of spring where ever you may be

Dare to be Different

This is my week 10 Playing Card Challenge post. These little experimental pieces come about in their own way. They never seem to go as I have planned even if I allow plenty of  time to work on them!

I used left over paint from another painting I was working on to get this one started. The hearts just happened, what is it about drawing and painting a heart shape? I noticed the one was a bit different from the other two and thus the title came about.  I scratched the letters into the acrylic paint and filled them in with red paint. I also made the 3rd heart really different at this point by adding red paint as an outline to it.

As this week comes to a close, we will be heading out tomorrow for a trip out west for the week. Hoping to see and photograph new scenery for future paintings! Taking a small travel art kit with me since I had such a good experience taking it on the last trip and did in fact use it quite often. We’ll see how time allows for that or not.

Posts for next week are scheduled and should appear magically for me in my absence.

My new motto, Dare to be Different, are’t we all and shouldn’t we be?

Until next time……dare to be different and prosper

Playing Card Challenge #9

It’s Friday which means it is Playing Card Challenge day. I’m actually posting this really early for me! Had it done and was taking some photos of my latest works and uploading them and decided to go ahead and post this.

I had already applied the dictionary page last week when I did #8 card and gel mediumed it really heavy for texture. All I had to do was paint or do some type of technique on top. I pulled out the acrylic paints, not the metalic ones, the regular ones and did an abstract sunflower. Not the greatest paint job but I do like the texture of the card.

I spent several hours in the “studio” today and may go back for some more. Working on some ACEO’s and small paintings. Some good, some not so good and some okay.

I heard from the printing company that is doing my ACEO prints that I sent earlier this week. They have printed them and shipped them so I should have them early next week. I think I will work on the descriptions for each one and have them ready to upload when I have them mounted and photographed and ready to list in the Etsy Shop. Getting closer to happening! I’ve created a label to stick on the back of each one, Title, issue date and edition number since I plan to do a limited edition on each one that I’ve choosen to print and try to sell. I also made a Certificate of Authenticity to fill in for each one also. I may not be a professional Artist but at least my products I offer will be matted and presented in a very professional way. That has been my plan from the first intial thought that I wouldn’t move forward unless I was ready and set up to do things properly.

So as another week comes to an end, I continue to be excited about where I am trying to take my talent. I’ll keep you posted as things progress.

Until next time…….may sunshine and maybe sunfowers be in your view today

Playing Card Challenge Week #8

Ok, got it done just under the wire. Not happy with this one at all. I tried to hurry it and it shows! I cut out a cardboard “R” as my thought was to attach it temporarily, paint around it then remove it and have the dictionary page show through. When I removed it the paper underneath tore! I had to then paint over the dictionary torn page! This ruined the whole scheme of things but must forge ahead. I originally wanted to block out the whole word “read” but was too limited with space. Read to grow was the theme of this card and it still is just not as I had pictured it! Ha, next time I’ll be better prepared and plan ahead better.

Until next time……don’t rush through the important things!

Playing Card Challenge Week #7

I almost forgot to do this posting, as it has been a busy day that got away from me! I apologize for the photo I had to take it after dark and the glare on it from artificial lighting is terrible. I’ll re-do it tomorrow but didn’t want to miss my Friday post!

I took one of the previously painted cards that I coated with the yellow acrylic when I was doing something else and had paint left over. I wanted to try this weaving thing with strips of cut up dictionary pages for a while so here it is.  I only weaved it part way down to leave the bottom strips just dangling down in effect. When I started I intended to do some type of medium or technique over this but decided to leave it as is. I call this one Word Overload.

After the weaving I coated the whole card with gel medium to hold it all in place. Not a bad effort as I want to use the weaving thingie in a future mixed media project.

I didn’t get to paint once again and that is not good, but life takes over at times and you have to go with the flow! But this evening I got to visit our local Art Walk that takes place once a month in our downtown. We have quite a bit of local art and artists stuff happening around town and it was fun to see what others have to share, display and sell!

Until next time…….don’t let all that Word Overload get you down

Note: Updated the photo today 4/7 to replace the horrible one I posted last night, natural lighting is so much better!

Playing Card Challenge Week 6

This is my playing card for week 6. This originally painted white card was painted green when I was working on the Mixed Media project a few week ago. I pulled out the acrylic paints to do the tree and flowers. My plan was to just cut out a bird shape from a dictionary page and put him in the tree, not very original huh? When I went to the dictionary pages I found this bird anatomy photo under the word “bird”. I copied it and made it much smaller to fit on the card and that was it. Not a great work but something I’d never done before, so week 6 accomplished.

Until next time…….how many parts to a simple little song bird?

Playing Card Challenge Week 5

This is my playing card challenge for this week, week 5. I call this project “Leather & Lace” Using a black painted card I attached pieces of brown faux leather that I have made from brown market bags for using in mixed media things. Once that was dry I cut out some strips of lace, a lace flower and three curvy pieces. I attached these using the gel medium also. Coated everything heavily with gel and let it dry. Not quite the way I was picturing it but here it is none the less!

Until next time………remember the song Leather & Lace by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley way back when?

Playing Card Week #4

This card was one of the black painted cards which I then attached a piece of dictionary page with gel medium. Then I experimented with alcohol inks lightly over the gel medium, which took pretty well. This didn’t seem like enough so I then took some pieces of white tulle fabric and attached that with gel medium. It is very hard to see this fine netting which I attached but not over the whole surface.  I guess this will be “Alcohol Experiment” This is what doing these little pieces is all about, trying, failing and learning what works and what doesn’t

Until next time…….experiment with a new medium