Playing Card Challenge Week #25

Here is the fourth and final Playing Card Challenge in this series, Create. We started with Love, Dream and Imagine now we’re going to Create! You have to love something, dream about doing it, imagine yourself doing it and finally creating something from it all. My story anyway. Always imagine yourself in the place you want to be and stay positive and good things will happen.

Ok, this is the final pinkish, yellow playing card and I just kinda scribbled all over it with the new markers I got a few weeks ago! Time to move on to the next set of four that I already have started. They need something special added and I haven’t figured it out quite yet.

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Until next time……..create something magnificent today


Playing Card Challenge Week #24

Week 24 of my playing card challenge. I’m actually starting to enjoy this little venture. This is the 3rd card in this series, so to speak. I prepared 4 cards with a similar background with pinkish colored acrylic paints. Love, Dream and now Imagine.

Playing Card Week 22 2         Playing Card week 23

We all have those light bulb moments where an idea starts to flourish, well that is what this card represents to me. We’ve loved and dreamed and now we’re imagining what is possible in the future.

Played around with some new markers I picked up for my journaling and loved the way the yellow looked over the pink. My mixed media attempts are not turning out quite as I had imagined them to but it is all a learning experience.

Until next time……..imagine your most far fetched dreams being totally possible

Playing Card Challenge Week #23!

Here it is Week 23 of the Playing Card Challenge. This card is the second in a four card series. I prepared the base coat on these cards together and knew what words I wanted to use and went from there.

As you recall I wasn’t pleased with last week’s effort and stepped it up a bit with the remaining cards. I’m much happier with this one and feel I at least gave it a whole hearted try. I’m working on groups of cards at a time and putting a bit more thought into them rather than scrambling at the last minute to produce a card for posting on Friday!

I’ve even started and almost completed the next group of four cards! Imagine that, I actually got on a roll and had some ideas I wanted to try.

This card had the same pinkish acrylic underpainting which I didn’t hide so much on this one. I added the white swirl shape with oil pastels then added the cut up dictionary page pieces with a bit of light colored markers and just dabbed some colors throughout. Coated the whole card with a layer of gel medium to seal everything in place.

Until next time… you dream in color???

Playing Card Challenge #22

Here we are at week 22 with my playing card challenge. This is a mixed media attempt! I use the term lightly as I am not real thrilled with this card.

I prepared 4 cards all with an acrylic base of sort of redish pink I guess you’d call it. I am doing a themed set of cards each with a word and similar technique. This one was the practice run, let’s say! I’m hoping as the weeks progress each card will improve.

Freehanding the words was not a good idea but…..anyway. I used stencils for the hearts and the subtle pink floral shapes in the bottom left and top right corners. At one point I rubbed some oil pastels across the surface, thus the smeared black under Love. When I was done I coated the whole mess with gel medium to seal it a bit. I had to take the photo after dark which makes it look worse than it really is. My fault for waiting until the last minute to do this post! I’m really hoping I can improve on a better technique for the remaining cards.

Hope you all had a wonderful week and a safe week-end ahead.

Until next time……..adventures in love

PS to my original post. I updated the photo this morning after taking a better one in day light! Also here is a sneak peek at what the remaining 3 cards look like as of now.

20180721 sneak peek

Lots of work to do on these to make them the coming week entries!

Playing Card Challenge Week #21

Playing Card Challenge Week #21, can’t believe it is week 21 already!

Butterfly Kisses is the name I’ve given this card. Had prepped it with red tissue paper mod podged on and the rest came about from there. Mouths from magazine cuttings and the butterfly from a napkin. That said butterfly kisses to me! Not too ingenious but it is what I prepared.

This is the last of the cards I had prepared in advance so I have to return to the craft table and come up with some new ideas. I’ve been inspired by alot while searching on pinterest and I hope to do some new techniques from what I’ve seen there!

You can have a look at my Pinterest board Mixed Media here if you are interested.

As I continue working on the hosted site and Etsy shop everything is starting to feel like they mesh together. This has been an ongoing issue for me to get my head around and see how it will all tie together in the end.

My hope is to continue this site because I enjoy posting to it and seeing my progress even though is is just a hobby site and doesn’t generate any income.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, be safe and until next time……mix it up and explore

Playing Card Challenge Week 20

Can you believe I’m at week 20 for my playing card challenge? I’m having fun doing it even if I didn’t share it and encourage others to join in! Next time for sure.

This card was created by adding part of a dictionary page via gel medium. I choose it for the drawing of the boats.  Once dry I added the acrylic blue paint, stamped the dark boat, colored the dictionary boats and added the words. Coated the whole thing with a thin coat of gel medium to seal. Not one to write home about, but I’m trying whatever and doing different things so it is as always a learning experience if nothing else.

Hope everyone enjoyed the 4th of July holiday here in America and have a safe week-end!

Until next time……keep a watch for the ships that pass by your way, you never know when one of great importance may get away unnoticed.

Playing Card Challenge Week #19

This card in my Playing Card Challenge is for week 19 and is called Let’s Sing.

The card was prepped with gesso prior then I added a redish pink waxy pastel over that.

Glued the bird, cut from a napkin, copies of sheet music notes and the words and mod podged over it all to finish it.

Would like it better if the background were a different color, but aside from that it’s an ok card. Learned it is hard to get things to stick to these waxy pastels! I do like the effect of the pastels rubbed over the rough gesso under coating so that is something usable in the future for mixed media stuff.

Until next time…….sing like no one can hear you and enjoy

Playing Card Challenge Week #18

This week 18 playing card challenge I call Abstract Cityscape.

I had the blue acrylic card prepped and looked at it for a bit before deciding what to do with it next.

Added the white when I had paint left over from another work and sort of thought the foreground was waves and smeared some across the top for clouds.

As I looked at it I started to see shadows of buildings along a waterfront and attempted to paint that with black, greys and whites. An abstract and an experiment. I still struggle with acrylics, but refuse to give up on them entirely!

Until next time……..try something you’ve given up on again and see what happens

Playing Card Challenge Week #17

This playing card challenge week 17 card is titled Paint the World Red.

The tissue paper background was done and the paint brush caught my eye while I was searching through magazines. I go through looking for items to include in my mixed media projects and cut stuff out that “speaks” to me.

Glued the brush on the card where I thought it looked best and the rest just came about from there. I saw red painted marks and painted the world red!

It’s sort of what I envisioned, not quite but you get the idea.

Until next time……paint the world with your mark

Playing Card Challenge Week #16

This mixed media playing card challenge is my week 16 addition. I call this one Loving Spring.

A tissue paper background, floral napkin piece, spring themed stamps and the words make up this card. The colors of the tissue paper that were on this prepared card helped to determine the spring theme. A bit late for spring in some places but ok for my neck of the woods here on the east coast of the US.

It is an acceptable process to use maybe on a larger mixed media project in the future. I’m not a big fan of using stamps for a lot but in small pieces like this they’re doable. I don’t consider myself a stamper but they have a place in some projects.

Until next time……I hope your spring has sprung