Playing Card Challenge Week #34

This is my playing card challenge week 34 entry, Breast Cancer Awareness. This should have been my first post in October since October is breast cancer awareness month! But I was finishing up my other grouping of cards so here it is now!

First of three cards I prepared prior to going away so I wouldn’t have to rush around each week to have my Friday post ready.

A base of pastel colored acrylic paint then some gesso applied to tone it all down and give it texture. Pink tissue paper, boobie drawing, wording and some ink and I was very happy with it!

As a breast cancer survivor I always try to encourage women to take action this month and get a mammogram if they are due, as early detection is so important. I am proof that caught early and acted upon brings good results and a cancer free future.

Until next time…….check your ta ta’s


Playing Card Challenge Week #33

Here it is week 33 of the Playing Card Challenge. Next time I do something of this sort I will include followers to do it along with me! This has been a long lonely project, although sharing it has been fun.

This card on it’s own didn’t need alot of embellishment. The Stud, who has now become Stu, makes a fine statement on his own. I just used some decoupage leaves and flower for a border, outlined in ink and a little color with watercolor pencils and called it complete.

This was a way to just make the most of what was in front of you and create a piece without alot of fuss. Stu is a fine final card in this four card grouping.

Here is a peek at the upcoming three cards series with the first few layers.

pastle 3 set

Not real sure where I’m taking these, but I like the base on each of them so far!

Until next time………sometimes a little is all it takes to create a piece of art

Playing Card Challenge Week #32

Week 32 of the Playing Card Challenge and this is another one I like. This one was based with sewing pattern paper attached with gel medium. First I used a leaf stencil with green acrylic paint, outlined it with ink and wrote on three of the leaves. This didn’t appeal to me so a flipped the stencil the other way and added the pink! I use gesso with the stencil and colored it pink with a watercolor crayon. All of that messing kinda ruined the words I had written but I went over them again and you can see them even if they are rather messy. Family, love and home are the words if you can make them out! The most important things in my life at present and feeling blessed to have them!

Fall has arrived here on the east coast of the United States, always one of my favorite times of year. School has started again, crisp cool air and the holidays rapidly approaching. What a wonderful time of year to go out and look through all the school supplies and pick up some stuff for getting organized and keeping track of stuff. Hope you are enjoying the season wherever you may be in the world and find some new items to add to your craft supplies.

Until next time………appreciate those little things in life that are important to you

Playing Card Challenge Week #31

Playing Card Challenge for week 31, Jack of all trades. Inpired by the Jack of hearts card used. A base of sewing pattern paper is the first layer attached with gel medium. Stencil used with red acrylic paint and india ink black pen for lettering and circles. I added the colored circles individually to create a frame around the slightly visible Jack underneath and colored them in with markers. Finally a little bit of gesso smeared over to give a bit of texture and lightening affects.

Since I am kinda all over the place with my art right now this seemed fitting. I feel like a Jack of all trades master of none! Very happy with this card. I would definitly use the techniques on a larger mixed media project at some point.

Until next time…….are you a Jack or a Master of your craft

Playing Card Challenge Week #30

Week 30 in my Playing Card Challenge. First of four in this set of similar cards.

For this card “Bloom in Color” I started with a decoupage paper in a marble green color and attached with gel medium. The flower petals I cut from washi tape outlined in india ink.  Final touches were to stamp the words and add a little contrasting color with my newly created small stencils. I’m happy with this one. It has a nice color and texture to it.

Here is a photo of the stencils I made from paint samples and letter stamps I recently picked up for mixe media projects.

20180824 supplies used

Stayed tuned in for the other three in this series.

Until next time……enjoy any blooms in the garden as summer is soon to end

Playing Card Challenge Week #29

Here we are at Playing Card Challenge for week 29. Finally the last of this set of four themed cards. Must say I’m not unhappy to see this set move into the history books! Not my best work or effort. This one is titled Discover.

We had Pretend, Adventure and Explore. Now that we did all of that we should be at a point of discovery. I went with a top view from space looking down on the earth and put the solar system planet names around it. Colored the planet names with watercolor crayons and did a faux sewing stitch type look with white acrylic paints. Just an added touch to sew up this one and move on!

I keep looking at other mixed media art online which I love. The time and techniques people do are amazing. I think I try to rush things and should have more patience. Even with my paintings I need to slow down and enjoy the process and let things evolve.

Until next time……I hope you have made a recent discovery about yourself

Playing Card Challenge Week #28

Playing Card Challenge week #28, I titled Explore. Staying in the same theme as the previous 2 cards in this set. Markers and pens on dictionary pages. Gold shiny acrylic paints to brighten things up. Infinite circles representing the unlimited possibilites of exploration. Open your mind to the endless things you can decide to explore.

Not the greatest of works, pretty simple. One more to go in this set of four cards!

As those of you know that actually read this blog I took many courses through the 7 day trial that bluprint is offering. Since taking and going through those courses I want to try and do everything! This has caused me to be sort of floundering and not getting much accomplished as far as paintings and actual projects go. I’m knocking out the cards in this challenge because of the ideas I got through a mixed media course I tried.

But I’ve also found pulling out the watercolor pencils, crayons and acrylic paints seem to be to my liking at any given time.  Thank goodness I ran out of time or I would have gone on and on trying everything I had the slightest interest in!

I know I love watercolor and I think that is my medium of choice. But so many other options to try and maybe find you like better. Maybe I just haven’t found my true calling as of yet and must keep searching. Having a talent, or should I say a passion for a talent that you want to master, shouldn’t feel so hard!

I started this blog as a way to document my progress but after 15 or 16 months I’m still not certain where I’m headed!

Until next time…….explore all the possibilities before making a decision

Playing Card Challenge Week #27

This is the Playing Card Challenge for week 27, Adventure. This card is nothing out of the ordinary. Mixed media attempt over the acrylic paint under painting of pinkish purple. Rubbed some gold shimmery acrylic over the first coat to brighten it. Wrote the words on the dictionary pages in colored pens and called it done. To me adventure means you read and learn about things you want to try and places you want to go and travel to them if at all possible!

Have moved on to the next couple of sets of playing cards and have been working away at them! I picked up some new tools to use in my mixed media tries such as stamps, stencils and have pulled out some of my existing things. Hopefully I am growing and learning, which I am, as this challenge rolls on.

Some of the attempts have been rather lame and going forward I hope to create more interesting items. Starting to feel a bit limited in the space I have to work on with the cards. But I will complete this adventure, no pun intended, to the full 52 weeks God willing!

Stayed tuned and until next time……take an adventure even if just through reading

Playing Card Challenge Week #26

This is the card for week 26 in my Playing Card Challenge, Pretend. This is the first of four cards in my second series. These cards were painted similarly with a purple/blue acrylic paint undercoat. I went with another word series since I was using dictionary pages as part of the overall theme.  Wrote my theme words on the pages with markers and glued them down on the cards. Attemped to add something that tied in with the word.

This first one is pretend, and I was going with the sky is the limit when we pretend. Stick figure little boy flying a kite placed in a dictionary earth picture from a distance . When I was done I wanted to try adding a final finish and went with gold acrylic paint on bubble wrap and pressed it on top. Bubble wrap was not real cushy and the paint pretty much went all over!  Need a more defined bubble wrap if I try this technique again and a larger surface would help too. Once again these are learning experiences for me and it is what it is. It will do, the concept of pretend is good so build on that rather than the appearance of the card! My story anyway, thanks for listening.

This card marks the half way point in this challenge for me and yes I have stuck with it come hell or high water. For that I am grateful. I’m really learning to enjoy sharing even if the outcome was not what I expected, nothing is a failure as a lesson is always learned.

I’ve spent this week taking many online courses at bluprint, the new company affiliated with Craftsy. They have so many different areas they have added from baking to quilting to decor and a lot in between. Many mediums of artful stuff that I love. I’m doing the 7 day free trial membership where you can try as much as possible and boy I’m cramming them in. I’m not doing the practice and homework stuff but watching the ones that really interest me. I would love to keep the membership going, gotta see if it is for a whole year or if you can cancel at any time. I would never get anything done if I continue though! If that is something you might like to check out visit my other website post or pinterest boards as I am an affiliate partner and I have links you can use to see what they have to offer.

Website Post     Pinterest

Hey it’s free, if you have some time for 7 days to spend doing some crafty type soul searching for your artful passions why not! I’m like a kid in a candy shop and want to try them all.

Have a wonderful weekend and until next time…….pretend, the sky is the limit

Playing Card Challenge Week #25

Here is the fourth and final Playing Card Challenge in this series, Create. We started with Love, Dream and Imagine now we’re going to Create! You have to love something, dream about doing it, imagine yourself doing it and finally creating something from it all. My story anyway. Always imagine yourself in the place you want to be and stay positive and good things will happen.

Ok, this is the final pinkish, yellow playing card and I just kinda scribbled all over it with the new markers I got a few weeks ago! Time to move on to the next set of four that I already have started. They need something special added and I haven’t figured it out quite yet.

Stay tuned and don’t forget to check out my new Etsy Shop and the other website

Until next time……..create something magnificent today