Playing Card Challenge Week #48

This is the Playing Card Challenge for week 48. Money is the theme, greens and dollar signs. New year that we are in with new possibilities and hopefully a prosperous one at that!

Not quite sure how I got to this final result! While I was doing last weeks card and had the oil pastels out I went over the dollar signs on this joker card that had been prepped. Of course being dollar signs I used green! From there I just wanted to cover up the decor on the center of the card so went with colors from our money. To further drive my point across I wrote the word “money”. Not very original or different but a completed card none the less.

The card had been gesso’ed then painted black, which came out grey, with acrylics. I then sprayed the card with green ink spray which gave it a green tint. Oil pastels, black marker and called it a done deal.

I hope the coming year will be a properous one for all. Not necessarily a year of money but of valuable experiences and riches from being around the people and places we love.

Until next time……..may rich greens surround you with value and love


Playing Card Challenge Week #47

This is my playing card for week 47 of the 52 week challenge. It is a modeling paste base with charcoal rubbed on the high surfaces and colored in with oil pastels. I like it. It is a rainbow colored small piece of art. Not alot to it but the final result is pleasing!

Here is a photo of the card between layers. After the charcoal rub, before the pastels were applied.

20190109 playing card week 47 before

I did consider leaving it as is but didn’t like so much of the 9 of hearts showing through!

I’ve been playing with ways to incorporate charcoals into some of the abstracts I’ve been messing with lately. I want to find a way to add the charcoal as a final layer to bring out the highlights and markings in the piece.

Another great learning experience to file away in my muddled creative brain!

Until next time………pick up a new tool and give it a try

Playing Card Challenge Week #46

Here we are at week 46 of the Playing Card Challenge! This was done on a tea bag mounted to the playing card with gel medium.

I once again wanted to try to use watercolors, my favorite medium, somehow on the card.

I used the wrinkles from the tea bag as my guide as to where to place the different colors of paint. I thought I could get the colors darker but these aren’t too bad.

I liked the process, not sure I will ever use it due to the fact of the smallness of a tea bag. A collage of tea bags on a sheet of watercolor paper, there’s an idea for a future project!

I have the remaining cards pre-prepped for the six final cards in this challenge. I must say I am ready for this to end! Honestly, the fact that I have made it through to this point without missing a Friday is amazing to me! I have tried many different things, some good, some not so good, but like I always say it is all about the learning experience.

I’m ready for a fresh start and new challenges in the new year. Many exciting things happening in my life that I hope filters over to my art!

Until next time…….challenge yourself and be open to new beginnings

Playing Card Challenge Week 45

Here is my week 45 Playing Card Challenge. This card was prepared using fiber paste which I attached a used tea bag to.

This took a bit of time to dry since it is so thick. I wanted to use watercolors for this weeks card so thought I would give it a try.

Simply a beach scene with a red sail boat floating on a blue green body of water. Once again just a way to test out a process for future reference and larger projects.

Christmas has come and gone as we approach a new year. Many things to be thankful for and look forward to in the coming year. This time of year I like to organize and make plans with a clean slate. Not sure what or where my creative energies will be focused, but always new and exciting ideas to ponder.

I’ve accomplished quite a bit in 2018 with hopes for even more in the year ahead.

Until next time…….a happy and healthy new year to you and yours

Playing Card Challenge Week 44

Here is my post for the Playing Card Challenge, week 44. Had a different card prepared for this week but opted to do a different one.

Today I prepared all of the cards needed to complete this challenge and did an extra so I could re-do this weeks! I put various base coats on the nine remaining cards to be worked on in the coming weeks.

Here is the card I was going to post as week 44 but was not at all happy with it so decided to re-do it!

Playing card challenge week 44

The background of black, grey and white was too dark to get the words in red to show up! It also says “believe in the magic” but not a good finished product.

For the re-do card I simply tore a piece of watercolor paper and attached it to the playing card with gel medium. I wanted to be able to lay the red and green watercolors on the paper and then used ink to complete. A very simple way to share one of my Christmas paintings with you my followers and complete this weeks challenge at the same time!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season and the best of times in the coming year.

I plan to get some work in over the coming days to post next week and into the new year so stayed tuned.

Until next time……..enjoy those small moments that create forever memories and “believe in the magic” of this blessed time of year

Playing Card Challenge Week 43

Here is week 43 of the playing card challenge. This is an abtract painting done with charcoal and oil pastels.

This card started out as a dictionary page background but took a turn to abstract art at some point. When I sat down to complete it there was texture from attaching the pages. This got me thinking about rubbing over the texture to create shapes to fill in with color! Since I recently was toying with the idea of working with charcoal that is where I turned my attention.

I held it flat and rubbed across the surface of the card creating the various shapes you now see filled in with colors. I knew the charcoal would rub off so I was careful as I added the colors inside each shape with the oil pastels. There is definitely some smears going on but for the most part I kept it clean.

If doing this on a large project it would have to sealed somehow to prevent rubbing off, or framed behind glass.

I’m happy with it even though I ruined the dictionary page underneath!

Sorry I’ve not posted this past week but I’ve been in full Christmas mode. Shopping, wrapping and shipping off all of the presents to family up north.

I decided against painting my Christmas cards this year as I just couldn’t get them the way I wanted them. I will share a few of them as the days to Christmas draw nearer and nearer.

I have in fact been in the studio the last few days and will have some things to share in the coming days.

Until next time……..take time to feel the magic that is the Christmas spirit


Playing Card Challenge Week 42

Here it is, week 42 playing card challenge. I can’t believe I only have 10 more cards to do to bring this years challenge to an end.

This card, of a blue bird sitting on a branch in a tree, is the second in this series of modeling paste experiments. I used a couple of different stencils that I have to create the scene. I used soft and hard pastels for the coloring. This is a bold thick card! This technique would be nice for a large mixed media project that you really want to stand out and look three dimensionable! It’s all about what you are trying to accomplish and this one came out okay in my book.

Haven’t been in the studio this week as once again life is life and priorities sometimes take over. Family issues that require travel and of course it is now December and Christmas preparations are in full swing.

I did paint a few scenes that I thought could be used for my Christmas cards this year but I haven’t been over joyed with the results. May give that another shot in the coming days as my days are running out! I came up with the verse for the inside now if I could get a good scene to go along with it I’d be set. Oh well, I can always opt out and send store bought cards instead!

Until next time……don’t be sitting around when you should be flying around

Playing Card Challenge Week 41

Playing Card Week 41 is a very simple card. I prepared four cards in advance to work on for the coming weeks to get me through the holiday season.

All four were first coated with a thin layer of gesso. This card was then painted with a thin coat of black acrylic paint. I wanted to try a white on black stencil or outline drawing and a dream catcher seemed like a good idea! Didn’t even use a brush but rather a tooth pick to apply the white paint. Nothing really special about it but I’m happy with it as it is! The depth that is created by the thin layer of black paint adds to the mystery of the piece.

Until next time……..may only the good dreams sneak through

Playing Card Challenge Week #40

This is the fourth and final in this series of four cards done with modeling paste as the base. Fall Textures is the title. This is the card that I pressed a vegetable netting bag into for the texture. Love the way this one came out. I rubbed some color from markers into the texture to create the fall colors. Used my small letter stamps to write the words. Cut out pictures of pumpkins from a fall magazine and attached them with gel medium. Finally added a touch of green grass strokes for added interest and called it done.

I enjoyed working with the DIY modeling paste and the affects I could get from it. This is a good tool to use in journaling and for larger mixed media works. Mine is starting to dry out on me even though it is stored in a airtight container. I had to add a bit of water to it when I pulled it out yesterday to apply to another project I am working on. Going forward I will make it in small batches to use within a few days of the making.

Seemed like a fitting piece to post this week as it is Thanksgiving here in the states, which we celebrated yesterday.

Until next time…….what are you thankful for today

Playing Card Challenge Week 39

Here is my post for week 39, 3rd of the modeling paste DIY recipe card attempts. This is backlit palms as I see it.

There was a shape that formed in the paste that looked to me like a palm tree trunk so that was the starting point for this card. I tried a light spray with some new inks spray dyes that I purchased for using in my journals. A quick squirt of the blue and green is all I did, leaving the speckled white at the top right.

Here is a photo of weeks 39 and 40 before the final applications.

20181115 wip playing cards

Do you see the trunks of the trees that I was referring to?

After the inks were dry I outlined with a brush tip india ink marker the shapes the paste created in my mind. From there I used regular colored markers to enhance the shapes further to suggest palm leaves and a distant tree visible in the background. I like the way the light right hand upper corner looks as if the sun light is shining through. This creates the dark shadow on the front of the trunks of the palm trees.

This was a way to test out the spray inks on the modeling paste and how it works with other mediums. Another good learning experience to try on future projects.

Until next time…….let some light into your life and bask in it’s warmth