Layers Of Kona

Today I’m posting another pastel although I think I’m done with this medium for the time being.  Didn’t work much on my painting today, did do a quick watercolor of some flowers from the yard but wasn’t happy with it so pulled this out from the other day!

This is a 9 x 6 piece done on a grey blue tinted sheet of pastel paper.  Also, like most of my work done from a travel photo.  Picture taken as we were on a boat trip along the coast of Kona.  I loved how you could see the different layers from the water and black lava rocks up to the dessert looking land up the hill.  My water falling over the rocks is a bit lacking but you can tell what it is supposed to be so that makes me happy.  My scans of pastels are really not good and I haven’t taken the time to see if I can improve them with my scanning program.  Like I said I’m putting them away for now and moving on to a different medium.

Until tomorrow, beach dreams.

Back Light Salmon Azalea

Today I stuck with the pastels as planned and did a couple of paintings.  This was done from a photo that really had a great bright back light affect as we walked through the park setting at Winterthur Garden in Delaware.  The large silhouette of the tree actually was down the hill a bit and the azalea was on our level.  I hinted at the possibility of a stream down below as I do believe there was water down below the tree.

I had trouble getting the colors right on this and the brightness wasn’t captured as well as I had hoped.  I did use a light pale yellowish piece of pastel paper hoping to retain the light shining through.  Not bad considering.  This is an 8 x 10 size good for matting and placing in a 11 x 14 store bought frame.  I’m always buying frames when the local hobby and craft stores have buy one get one deals going.  I’m reading up on framing pastels and how they have to be behind real glass but not touching it! That’s a whole different subject there once you start getting into framing your work!

I did once again make a trip to Hobby Lobby to purchase some spray to use on my pastels as I really have trouble getting them put away without smudging them!  I’ve been giving them a light spray with aerosol hairspray but it does darken them and I’m sure it isn’t the best possibility.  I hit a sale and purchased Kryon Fixatif and also picked up a Krylon Quick Dry for Oils. I’m hoping to get back into the oils real soon and do some small paintings but I do have trouble waiting for the things to dry!

Until next time, take a walk through the park!

Low Lake Mead Colors

Today I did another pastel landscape.  But instead of using the tinted pastel paper I bought I opted to use watercolor paper, which is much heavier, and did an under painting in watercolor then applied the soft pastels.  I find that the pastel papers are very thin and to me won’t hold up too well.  I do plan to use them for small paintings and studies but I like a heavy paper for my work.

I love the way this painting came out.  It was done from a travel photo from a trip out west in 2005.  When I look at this piece I feel what I was feeling when I took the photo. The lake level was so low at that time and the colors revealed were beautiful.  I took a photo of this painting instead of scanning as it is a bit larger than the glass on my scanner.  Is was done on a piece of 9 x 12 140 lb watercolor paper.

I think I will continue to play around with the pastels for a few days.  Tried a bit with the oil pastels to fix a painting I had already started with not much success.

Until next time……

Dappled Sunlight on the Path

Today I decided to try something new and did an 8 x 10 soft pastel painting.  I used a light greenish tinted piece of Strathmore pastel paper.  I used one of my photos from a park visit, I can’t even tell you where the park is located.  I have a strong feeling it is from Winterthur in Delaware as I did take several pictures when we spent a day there several years back.

I’m happy with the finished product although when I started out I thought I had too much medium on the paper and wiped quite a bit off as I rubbed it into the paper. I then regrouped and added the lights and some final touches and made it work.  I achieved the feeling I was trying to convey and what I remember about what drew me to shoot the photo in the first place.

Found myself out and about today so I visited my local Hobby Lobby and picked up some pastel paper, large tinted sheets and a pad of various colors.  I also went to Michael’s and picked up a 12 set of Prismacolor Nupastel sticks which I want to use along with the soft pastels that I’m using.  While I was there I couldn’t resist picking up a 48 pack of cheapy oil pastels to play around with!!  The colors and texture just drew me right in…..such a sucker for colorful medium.

Gonna play with pastels for a bit and take a break from watercolors, at least that’s how I feel today!

Until next time, try something new.

Day 26 Coneflower Surprise

Today I really wanted to work with the oil pastels again.  Found some pastel paper in my stash and went to work.  Since I’m using a really low grade product I mixed up a 50/50 mixture of thinner and linseed oil to help blend this really dry crumbly medium.

First of all the paper I was using is meant for soft pastels and rather thin for what I was using it for.   Oh well, just experimenting, so forged on.  Drew the flowers and a few leaves and left it at that.  I worked on the green background first filling in the space around the petals.  That’s when I noticed there was a little yellow flower peeking through the large flower.  My “coneflower surprise” that I never picked up on when looking at this photo in the past.  While trying to blend around the petals I dipped the tortillon in my mixture to speed things up and found I had to use it very lightly as it was going through the paper!  Yikes, what a mess.  Needless to say I went ahead and finished by adding the lighter leaves and filling in the petals and centers.  I liked the way it looked so now I had to fill in all of the remaining white paper around the edges. This is when I coated as much pastel medium as I could and then dipped a small round brush in my mixture and blended away!  Messy but got the job done.  Won’t be able to do anything with this original but store it away as I don’t think it will last long!

Live and learn right.  I have to invest in a few good quality oil pastels and see if I like them as much as I hope to.  Really do enjoy the speed at which you can accomplish a finished painting.

Until tomorrow flower friends goodnight.


Day 23 Pelican Reflection

Calling it day 23 even though I have missed a few days while away.

Didn’t get any good photos to use or sketches as it rained the entire trip!  Oh well, can’t always go according to plan, right?

Anyway, today I spent a few hours in the “studio”.  Decided I wanted to try oil pastels which I had never even opened.  They are certainly not an artist quality but I wanted to play around with them.  I used an acrylic paper that is 5 x 7 in size.  Worked from a photo of the white pelican that migrates through our area every spring.  They come in large flocks but I singled out this one for a good reflection photo a couple of years back.

Not sure I used the product as it should be used but had fun doing this and like the final result.

Until tomorrow.