Graphite Stick Drawing 5 x 7 Study

Felt like playing around with the charcoals the other day. Started out doing a lesson from my art studies, a still life of your paint brushes. I first worked with the willow charcoal. Here is that attempt

20191216 charcoal
Wasn’t real happy with this. I had forgotten how messy charcoal can be! While I had the still life set up I pulled out the graphite sticks I purchased on sale over the summer. I like how they go on and I can work them with a water brush. I only used one of them and didn’t try to get a lot of tones in this little study.  It isn’t real detailed and I didn’t get the lights and darks in properly but I like it.

Gonna try setting up some more stills of art supplies and do a series of 5 x 7’s using the graphite sticks. This would make a nice series to frame and hang in the “studio”. Can you tell I’m starting to focus and get some projects lined up for the coming year! Whatever sparks my creativity, I run with it.

Needing to do a watercolor one of these days while I’m in here having fun. Don’t want to lose my touch there!

Until next time……what are your goals for 2020


Prima Graphite Sticks Sketch

Tried doing a sketch for tonal practice with the new Prima graphite sticks. Not as easy as I thought it would be! Used a travel photo of the west coast as this is one I like and have hopes to paint.

I used all six sticks to capture from the lightest to the darkest from the photo. I guess there are five or six different shades here but hard to see in my opinion.

Said I was going to try it and I did. Will I use this technique going forward? Hopefully, as sketching and getting the various tones right are important to a good finished painting.

Until next time…….practice practice and more practice

Inktense 4 x 6 Daffadils

While playing around in the “studio” the other day I pulled out the Derwent Inktense ink pencils. Cut a sheet of Strathmore mixed media paper in half and decided I was going to do some flower studies. I first did a detailed pencil drawing and added the inks after.

I started with the daffadils. I miss them so much now that we live in Florida and don’t get to see them early in spring! I applied the inktense pretty heavily and added water to blend. I really like the way these came out. So then I moved on to the lilacs, another northern bloomer that I don’t see down here.

Inktense Lilacs

Not bad, but not as good as the daffs! These are small 4 x 6 studies and I’ll probably do a couple more of them in the coming days. I’m making myself come in here and do something, even if small and not real time consuming, EVERYDAY. I usually end up staying in here doing various other stuff too. Not a bad thing because the ideas start to flow and things come about that weren’t on my radar.

Until next time…….try a drawing instead of painting