Nature Journal Pages

This nature journal page was done while observing a mommy goose and her chick. My lines are still a bit wonky and I smeared the ink on this one. I was really happy with how the geese came out though!

Just a little 5 x 7 sheet of torn watercolor paper, winsor and newton cotmans and india ink. Added holes and put right into the nature journal.

This was a young set of geese that we watched while sitting on the nest and they only had the one chick. It was just about a week and a half old here when she brought it up on our back patio. It has since disappeared! There are many predators around our lake such as osprey and hawks and my fear is one of them got the chick. The parents searched for a few days looking for the baby but nothing! Sad, but that is nature. So glad I captured the photo when I did!

Here is a floral from imagination of poppies and a sunflower that I also added to my nature journal.

20190501 florals

Just having some fun with these! Gotta get my lines straighter and practice some lettering to dress them up a little Ha!

Until next time……capture that nature shot now as it may not linger

Nature Journal Floral Page

This is a quick nature journal page created from a sight I see each day coming and going in our neighborhood. They have planted rows and clutters of yellow marigolds with purple salvia behind them all over the neighborhood. The striking colors are breath taking. I had to try and capture them for a page in my new nature journal that I told you about.

This one is on a 4 x 6 cut sheet of Strathmore watercolor paper. Depending on what I choose to draw or paint I select the paper as I prepared many different ones. This one was done with watercolors and a bit of ink added for some fine detail at the end.

Here is what the journal looks like. I haven’t yet completed the front and back covers. It is just the cardboard at this point.


I want to cover the cardboard with pretty paper or a painting or something! I started a nature journal and a travel journal which you see above. Very simple using 1 inch binder rings and a hole punch.

I have decided to work on these while we are in the north this summer. Not that I won’t be doing other art work but I think I can knock out alot of travel documenting if I concentrate on that. Plus being near the beach I will find plenty of nature that will keep my focused on the nature journaling.

Finding a plan and sticking with it will keep me focused and moving forward!

Until next time………document and find joy in your daily mundane things



5 x 7 Nature Journal Chipmunk

Here is the first of many, I hope, nature journal page. This is a 5 x 7 torn piece of my favorite watercolor paper, Canson 140 lb.

I took an online instruction class through Bluprint about nature journaling. It covered how to quickly capture something from nature in a pencil drawing and later add watercolors and ink to complete it. No pressure, no right or wrong just draw to improve your skills. Something you can do daily in just a few minutes of time. I though this would be a good basis to take with me when we head north and I have a limited supply of things to work with!

I’ve prepared several different watercolor papers in various sizes from 4 x 6 to 5 x 7. Having these at the ready to capture life in real time or from my unlimited number of photos, I hope, will keep me painting on a regular basis. This was just a quick try and my lines are wonky and crooked but you get the idea.

This technique can be applied to any subject of interest. From simple objects to large landscapes. Just frame it out, date it and write a few words or narrative about the experience so you remember it.

My ambition with this is hugh. I want to take our many travel photos and try to document the trips with little jounal pages to tell timeframes and points of interest! That’s an undertaking, but one I’d like to try. Sounds like something I could definitely work on while using limited tools. This will help with drawing skills and keeping the paint simple and loose. I do plan on doing these daily going forward in addition to whatever larger projects I’m doing.

After you have many done they can be mounted in a ready made journal of sorts or you can make a homemade version as I plan to do at a later time.

Until next time…….get out in nature and draw something