Christmas Card Possibilities Discarded

As promised I’m sharing some of the paintings I completed with hopes of using them for my Christmas cards this year. These are a few of the better ones, in my opinion. As I stated in my last post none of them made the cut! I decided at the last minute that I just didn’t think they were worthy of sharing with my small group of family and friends.

It’s not that the paintings were all that bad but the work involved to produce a finished card got the better of me this year! Scanning them and printing myself onto the cards or taking out to be done at an office supply chain in addition to adding the verse to the card seemed too overwhelming. Okay, maybe I copped out and took the easy route by sending ready made cards. I always wait too late to try to do this project so there is still hope that one or more of these little paintings will be next years card. Only if I start on them months in advance!

I got caught up in the simple nativity scene which I actually had seen in a Pinterest pin and sort of copied it in my own way. At one point I actually considered doing an original nativity for each card! Went so far as to cut slits to tuck each corner of the ACEO into on the card front. I felt that didn’t look too good either so quickly ditched that idea. But come to think of it I could paint a few of these Christmas scenes as time allows throughout the year and have enough ready for next year. Even just adding one to each store bought card would be a nice touch! Oh well, months to decide as Christmas 2019 is a bit off.

Until next time…… you still exchange snail mail cards with your family and friend


Small Canvas Abstract Art

These three little acrylic canvas paintings were created for my own collection. They are each done on a small 4 x 6 board canvas. I used the color palette that was mixed up to do the larger canvas I posted last week.

Once I have the acrylics out and mixed I like to do more than one project. These canvas’s had been prepped with modeling paste to create a different pattern and texture on each one. I wanted something I could frame and hang as a group. My intention is to mat each one in a standard 8 x 10 mat cut for a 4 x 6 photo, or in this case painting!

Each piece follows the pattern created by the paste and the paint was applied according to the direction and texture of the paste.

The colors and textures are just what I was going for. As I look at them I keep changing the order of them and even try turning them upside down. How I will arrange them remains to be seen. I may even have enlarged prints done of them to see how that changes the way I look at them!

Abstract art does that to me. When there is no reality to it I have to look at it from all angles and directions and find what sits right in my mind, and even that may change from time to time.

Until next time……..what is abstract in your life right now

Mixed Media, Thru the Winter Window

This mixed media, Thru the Winter Window, came about with the left over paint from the color wheel the other day.

20180820 MM WIP 1

I did a wet in wet and appied course sea salt on the wet paint. The large star like affects reminded me of a winter frozen window. The cardinal was a small blob of rather red on the paper. I found the cardinal to be located in a not so convenient spot on the paper and had to play around a little to get the right size and number of window panes to make it work! Placed the tree based on the red blob, cardinal, then placed the window panes. The window frame is painted with arcylic paint. I am really happy with how it looks. I didn’t think it needed anything else there are enough things going on.

This is a 9 x 6 piece of water color paper and the paints used in the underpainting are my Winsor & Newton Cotmans.

I also worked on preparing the next set of Playing Card Challenge cards. I really enjoy the process of doing them if I stay ahead and don’t have to rush to get them done! Here is a sneak peek.

20180820 ACEO next 4 set

Going with a mixed media theme with paper as a back ground base. I have a few ideas where these ones are headed, we’ll see if I stick with a plan.

Until next time…….what is beyond your window pane

Playing Card Challenge Week #8

Ok, got it done just under the wire. Not happy with this one at all. I tried to hurry it and it shows! I cut out a cardboard “R” as my thought was to attach it temporarily, paint around it then remove it and have the dictionary page show through. When I removed it the paper underneath tore! I had to then paint over the dictionary torn page! This ruined the whole scheme of things but must forge ahead. I originally wanted to block out the whole word “read” but was too limited with space. Read to grow was the theme of this card and it still is just not as I had pictured it! Ha, next time I’ll be better prepared and plan ahead better.

Until next time……don’t rush through the important things!

Playing Card Challenge Week #7

I almost forgot to do this posting, as it has been a busy day that got away from me! I apologize for the photo I had to take it after dark and the glare on it from artificial lighting is terrible. I’ll re-do it tomorrow but didn’t want to miss my Friday post!

I took one of the previously painted cards that I coated with the yellow acrylic when I was doing something else and had paint left over. I wanted to try this weaving thing with strips of cut up dictionary pages for a while so here it is.  I only weaved it part way down to leave the bottom strips just dangling down in effect. When I started I intended to do some type of medium or technique over this but decided to leave it as is. I call this one Word Overload.

After the weaving I coated the whole card with gel medium to hold it all in place. Not a bad effort as I want to use the weaving thingie in a future mixed media project.

I didn’t get to paint once again and that is not good, but life takes over at times and you have to go with the flow! But this evening I got to visit our local Art Walk that takes place once a month in our downtown. We have quite a bit of local art and artists stuff happening around town and it was fun to see what others have to share, display and sell!

Until next time…….don’t let all that Word Overload get you down

Note: Updated the photo today 4/7 to replace the horrible one I posted last night, natural lighting is so much better!

Playing Card Challenge Week 6

This is my playing card for week 6. This originally painted white card was painted green when I was working on the Mixed Media project a few week ago. I pulled out the acrylic paints to do the tree and flowers. My plan was to just cut out a bird shape from a dictionary page and put him in the tree, not very original huh? When I went to the dictionary pages I found this bird anatomy photo under the word “bird”. I copied it and made it much smaller to fit on the card and that was it. Not a great work but something I’d never done before, so week 6 accomplished.

Until next time…….how many parts to a simple little song bird?

Playing Card Challenge Week 5

This is my playing card challenge for this week, week 5. I call this project “Leather & Lace” Using a black painted card I attached pieces of brown faux leather that I have made from brown market bags for using in mixed media things. Once that was dry I cut out some strips of lace, a lace flower and three curvy pieces. I attached these using the gel medium also. Coated everything heavily with gel and let it dry. Not quite the way I was picturing it but here it is none the less!

Until next time………remember the song Leather & Lace by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley way back when?

Loose Florals Inked

I did this little floral painting some time back and put it aside. I loosely painted some floral shapes and did the ink outlines after the fact. Not a bad little piece, not sure why I never posted it!

So here it is loose floral inked for your viewing pleasure.

Until next time……spring is in the air.

Playing Card Week #4

This card was one of the black painted cards which I then attached a piece of dictionary page with gel medium. Then I experimented with alcohol inks lightly over the gel medium, which took pretty well. This didn’t seem like enough so I then took some pieces of white tulle fabric and attached that with gel medium. It is very hard to see this fine netting which I attached but not over the whole surface.  I guess this will be “Alcohol Experiment” This is what doing these little pieces is all about, trying, failing and learning what works and what doesn’t

Until next time…….experiment with a new medium

My Soul is Singing

First mixed media project completed! I call this one My Soul is Singing, because of the sheet music under layer and because my heart does sing when I am on a beach!

This was done on an upcycled piece of art board that measures 14 x 18. Everything used in the making of it was upcycle from something else, except the pant of course. I like it, may frame it and keep it.  I know, I can’t keep them all, but until I decide to part with some pieces it’s mine!

Worked a bit today on some other pieces that will be posted in the days to come.

It is Friday so that means I have to reveal my next playing card item which is card #3.

Here it is #3 Floral Abstract

20180307 playing card #3

Made while I had acrylic paint out and left from the mixed media board. Three down 49 to go.

Weekend is upon us, enjoy and until next time…..what makes your heart sing?