Abstract Beach

Got in the “studio” today for a bit and this is one I came up with. Started out as an abstract of blues and brown just loosely dropped in on a wet piece of paper.

I walked away and left it to dry completely before deciding what I would do with it. I saw a beach scene when I looked at it. Put a blue wash across the center of the paper, bad composition, for the ocean at the horizon, added a little more brown at the sand level and some yellow sun shining through and of course birds! The waves, so to speak, were done with white gouache. As I look at it now in the photo the yellow is a bit harsh but it is an abstract so I’ll leave it alone!

Until next time…….think of sunshine and a warm beach day!


Venice Canal

Haven’t posted for a few days but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been painting! At the beginning of the year I always have so many goals set and that renewed feeling of what I can accomplish this year that I get side tracked.

Continuing to work on the small painting series and still in the Italy vacation file of photos to work from.  This is another Venice Canal painting, I loved Venice so much, this is a different canal photo that captured my attention with the light on the water hoping I could render it justice, which I believe I did.

Another 4 x 6 painting on Canson 140 lb paper with my Winsor & Newton Cotmans.

Here is the mate to this painting, I have this idea in my mind to paint 2 similar paintings and one day offer as a set! Another 4 x 6 in portrait format. This is another canal that I call Venice Canal Reflection. Not quite as good as the other but I like it still.

20180105 Venice Canal Reflection

Happy New Year to everyone looking and may you set and reach your goals this year!

San Gimignano Street

My final post of 2017! I’ve come a long way since I started in May. Still painting and growth I have seen.

Today I did 2 small paintings in the 4 x 6 size of more Florence Italy scenes. The post title one is a street in San Gimignano.  We fell in love with that little city of towers sitting out in the countryside surrounded by such beautiful landscape.

Here is the second painting of a door somewhere in Florence that I was captivated by.

20171231 Florence Door

These two I did in portrait format rather than landscape only because the subject matter dictated that to me.

Both watercolor, gouache and ink on the San Gimignano one. Happy with them!

Happy with the year that is ending, although it has been rather challenging at times. Family members with illness and aging, a new grandson was born and a loved one lost. 2018 will be a better year I’m hoping and new goals will be set and reached for.

Until next year…..health and happiness to all the other WordPress family and outsiders that look in on us from time to time!

Florence Italy Ponte Vecchio

Today I painted the drawing from yeterday, the Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence Italy. This was done from a travel photo also. It too is a small painting at 4 x 6. I used the same watercolor and gouache mediums on this one but used a fine ink marker instead of the rigger for the fine details added at the finish.

These two are a nice start in my small painting series that I plan to work on currently.

Below is a photo of the Florence paintings from last week that I said would remain a pair. I framed them in nice rustic grey 11 x 14 frames and gave them as a Christmas gift to my mother-in-law.  I also sent our son and daughter-in-law the one from their honeymoon photo in a really nice frame, and guess what, I shipped it so well it made it there without breaking the glass in the frame! I did not get a photo of it framed but ask them to send one to me when they have a chance.

20171228 framed and gifted

Gonna start letting go of some of my art, I certainly can’t keep it all!

Until next time……let something go…..

Florence Window

Haven’t posted for a couple of days. Been busy planning the upcoming year. I have goals I hope to achieve and outlines to write! I’m a planning, list making goal setting type of individual. Onward and forward into 2018 I go.

Have been online a lot these past few days and while looking I came across a painter I really love and read some of his posts. His name is John Lovett, an Australian artist, but his water color and mixed media works are breathtaking. Look him up sometime I know you won’t be disappointed. Anyway he did a group of tiny paintings and did a write up about his approach. I liked the idea of trying this and doing some experimenting with different techniques that you probably wouldn’t try if working large. So I’m starting a grouping of small watercolor/mixed media paintings with no end result in mind just experimenting and being more adventurous.

This first one is a window I photographed in Florence, Italy and I think I may have posted a previous painting of this same subject! Anyway this is a 4 x 6 inch watercolor and gouache painting. I got a new rigger yesterday and oh what a difference that makes! The dark lines added at the end were all done with it and not with ink. I am really happy with this little experiment today. I drew another one to paint from the Florence pictures which I will paint next using a similar technique as this one.

20171229 drawing insert

This is a portion of the Ponte Vecchio bridge which I also have painted and posted in the past. Completed painting to follow.

I’ve been blogging here for 7 months already and do enjoy sharing my passion even though I have few, if any followers. One of my 2018 goals is to find ways to draw people to my blog and I’m building an Etsy store dedicated to my art interest. My hope is to offer my art as originals and prints. You never know what people like unless you put it out there and try!

Until next time… find your passion and put a plan together for the coming year and see what happens when you follow it!

London Garden Completed

Been busy in the “studio” the past few days. So busy I actually forgot to post something yesterday! Not a bad thing though.

I’ve finished a lot of started things and created some new paintings. Pulled out three oils that I started years ago and decided to work on them simultaneously. One I feel is complete and the other two I am going to add some final details to. When I finished cleaning up the oil mess..love oils hate the clean up still, this under painting from the other day was glaring at me begging to be completed and put away!  Didn’t want to get out the water solubles, which is what I intended to use for this one, so came up with a plan B.  Oil pastels, love working with them so figured what the heck! Not thrilled with this painting but I guess it’s okay. I’ll call it an experiment in impressionism painting!

Here is the under painting of just the acrylics.

20171020 Acyrlic Underpainting

Not really much difference now that I look at them!

Remember I started out with the messed up watercolor paper that I gesso’ed, under painting of acrylics, because it wasn’t acceptable as an acrylic, was going to be a water soluble oil finished painting but ended up going with oil pastels! Measures 9 x 12.

Did some watercolors, just because I love working with them and hope to one day be more consistent and comfortable with them! Such a tough medium to control and ever hope to master!

Until next time…..paint like no one will ever see your work and only you need to love it!

Lost Cabin

While doing an exercise for the online art class I’m doing I came across this painting from a couple of years ago. I was going through old work to look for signs of my “unique” style. What I was looking for were clues about what I like to paint, color palette that appears frequently, certain markings that I favor and what medium I find most appealing. This took some time! Didn’t realize I had done so much art in the past. I went through a portfolio of all the works I did when I actually paid for an online art course back in the early 2000’s!  This was an enlightening way to spend the morning. Didn’t get all the answers to my questions but had fun looking through everything.

I don’t remember doing this painting, I remember the experience by the paper because it was a bad sheet of a name brand paper that was defective in some way. It almost flaked and peeled away as I was working on it so I tossed it aside as an unfinished piece. Of course I had to mess with the painting and attempt to finish it and since ruined what I had, so glad I did a before photo! I do love the way this looked even with the imperfections! It’s haunting to me as I don’t know where the inspiration or subject matter came from. It is a watercolor and I had lightly touched a few of the leaves with yellow pastel. It measures 10 1/2 x 7 1/2 .

I need to draw from the fact that I have been painting for quite some time and do have my own hidden talents. Tapping into that place where it comes from is not always easy though.

Until next time….take a stroll through your memories of earlier works for possibly a renewed sense of inspiration.

Acrylic Under Painting

This was my attempt at working with acrylics today. Used a gesso covered piece of watercolor paper since I was just experimenting. Used a reference travel photo of a garden from our spring trip to the UK. Not looking as I imagined so decided it will be an under painting for a future oil painting. I will use my water soluble oils and add some finer details and hopefully it will be salvageable.

Used a plastic shallow container with a wet shammie under a piece of parchment paper as my palette. The paints did stay moist for a longer period of time for working. I know my acrylics are student grade and they are tubes so not the best medium to be experimenting with if I want better results. I’ll see what happens when oils are introduced over this under painting.

I did a couple of soft pastel paintings while in the “studio” today also. I really like working with them and like what can be achieved using them. Future posts probably.

Until next time….remember to stop and smell the roses.

Floral Watercolor

Didn’t get to work at all in the “studio” today too many other obligations and poor time management on my part. Could have done something even if just for a short time.

Posting today is a watercolor I did yesterday.  Started out as a large floral watercolor, part of pair, I intend to hang in a set of frames over our bed in the master bedroom.  I have a pair of prints there currently that work just fine with the decor but wanted to do something of my own and use the frames.  Was inspired by another artists work that I saw online and tried to do something similar with my own twist. The large in focus flower is copied from a pattern on our comforter and the remaining loose background of wild flowers just a random hodge podge. Didn’t come out as planned so I added some gouache to kind of enhance it a bit. Still not what I was looking for.  Signed and thought it was complete but I find myself thinking maybe some pastel markings in a few places may do it some good! It actually photographed better than it really looks. This is a large piece for me, slightly larger than 11 x 14, as that would be the matt size it would need for my frames. May see this return in a later post if I rework it in any way. Definitely not going on the wall at this point.

Here is my day 3 Christmas card, also done yesterday

20171013 Christmas Card 3

Bold and bright, my reason for the season card.

Until tomorrow….floral dreams to all

Full Moon at Dusk

This is 9 x 12 watercolor and ink beach scene done during the full moon a couple of days ago.

I used a 90 lb paper that I brought to use while away.  Tried to not wet it too much and kept the painting loose.  I like the affect I created.

More beach scenes to follow

Until next time