ACEO Watercolor Quiet Caribbean

I did this ACEO watercolor and gouache yesterday while knocking out a few 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch little gems.

I had the gouache out for adding some white to another painting and decided I wanted to do a whole little painting with them. It didn’t turn out that way as the watercolors are always right there so of course I had to use them also. I think it is a quiet little water scene that I call quiet caribbean. I’m pleased with it, as at least I got in there and painted for quite a bit.

The other site is coming along I’ve been removing alot of the stuff that moved over from this site and adding new content. I’m steering it into a direction of not just my art but the processes that got me to the new site and the Etsy shop. Hoping to make it a helpful and informative site for creative people to not just come and look but to learn something in the process.

Until next time………find your quiet

Rambling Waters

I did this gouache painting to other day on a 6 x 9 piece of watercolor paper. I was just playing with the medium on its own to see how it looked. This is an imaginary scene. I didn’t like how it was looking so I picked up a fine point ink and began to “help it along” my first thought was to create some definition to the rocks along the waters edge. The pen just found it’s way all over this painting creating a lot of scary dark trees across the way that appear to have been left over from a fire! I’ve looked at this for a couple of days in the “studio” and decided I kinda like it. Apparently something dark needed to be let go of! It was more of a feeling than a planned painting. I guess that is what art can do for us, right?

On a lighter note here is Christmas Card #6 in my 7 day challenge series from the mini art course I told you about previously. This started as a loose wash to see if any shapes appeared that could be turned into something Christmasy. The first thing I saw was the palm tree in the top right. So I added some Florida looking trees and a traditional pine Christmas tree. I could put something like Merry Christmas from Florida and a glimpse of her landscape! Oh well, it is what it is, maybe not one for the masses.

20171016 card 6

I’m working on a drying rack from recycled items to use for my small oils.  Although not really art it is from my creative side so I’ll share it when it is finished. The plan is in place all items are ready just have to take the time to complete it.

Until next time….let the darkness out