Mixed Media Floral

Just messing around today trying my hand at something a little different. Acrylics on a gesso’ed canvas that I had applied some pieces of scrap lace to for some added texture.

I had this 11 x 14 canvas board that was sort of wrinkled in the middle and not really good for a regular painting that I had prepared a few months back. I coated it with some green and yellow paints and let it dry earlier today. I kept going back and looking at it trying to decide what to do next. I was planning to add some cut out pieces of pretty decorative cocktail napkins that had florals, butterflies and some nice background writing on them, mod pod them on at random and see where that lead me. Just wasn’t feeling it so I just got the paints out and sort of followed the patterns I could see from the lace inlays and this is what came of it.  Colors are okay, composition not so good but I like the look of it. You know how I feel about acrylics, but when you work quickly like I did on this they seem tolerable!

Here is my playing card challenge week 1 card complete. I only added a little bit of red paint to it and added a final coat of sealer over it. Already working on the next couple of ones for the coming weeks. Will post at the end of each week as this little project continues!

20180224 Playing Card week1

Until next time…….just do something for the fun of it!


London Garden Completed

Been busy in the “studio” the past few days. So busy I actually forgot to post something yesterday! Not a bad thing though.

I’ve finished a lot of started things and created some new paintings. Pulled out three oils that I started years ago and decided to work on them simultaneously. One I feel is complete and the other two I am going to add some final details to. When I finished cleaning up the oil mess..love oils hate the clean up still, this under painting from the other day was glaring at me begging to be completed and put away!  Didn’t want to get out the water solubles, which is what I intended to use for this one, so came up with a plan B.  Oil pastels, love working with them so figured what the heck! Not thrilled with this painting but I guess it’s okay. I’ll call it an experiment in impressionism painting!

Here is the under painting of just the acrylics.

20171020 Acyrlic Underpainting

Not really much difference now that I look at them!

Remember I started out with the messed up watercolor paper that I gesso’ed, under painting of acrylics, because it wasn’t acceptable as an acrylic, was going to be a water soluble oil finished painting but ended up going with oil pastels! Measures 9 x 12.

Did some watercolors, just because I love working with them and hope to one day be more consistent and comfortable with them! Such a tough medium to control and ever hope to master!

Until next time…..paint like no one will ever see your work and only you need to love it!

Acrylic Under Painting

This was my attempt at working with acrylics today. Used a gesso covered piece of watercolor paper since I was just experimenting. Used a reference travel photo of a garden from our spring trip to the UK. Not looking as I imagined so decided it will be an under painting for a future oil painting. I will use my water soluble oils and add some finer details and hopefully it will be salvageable.

Used a plastic shallow container with a wet shammie under a piece of parchment paper as my palette. The paints did stay moist for a longer period of time for working. I know my acrylics are student grade and they are tubes so not the best medium to be experimenting with if I want better results. I’ll see what happens when oils are introduced over this under painting.

I did a couple of soft pastel paintings while in the “studio” today also. I really like working with them and like what can be achieved using them. Future posts probably.

Until next time….remember to stop and smell the roses.

Finished Welcoming Entry

Back home from trip north to take care of family things.

Today finished the painting I started for day 31 before I left.  It was done from a photo taken on the Isle of Capri when we visited Italy two years ago.  Such a pretty entry and setting with the pots of flowers, vine climbing the stair banister and the table and chairs!

This painting was done using acrylic paints on a piece of canvas paper 8 x 10 in size.

I’m pretty happy with the result although not totally what I was going for.

Going forward I will be posting my work on an as finished basis rather than on a daily post counting the day of the work.  I’m comfortable going into the studio to work but won’t be there to complete a painting a day as before.  I want to put together some thoughtful and well planned works that will take longer to complete.  I did post 31 days, even though I did have a few days break during the month when we went away for a couple of days.  My confidence is much higher than when I started and I’ve got my “studio” set up to sit down and work without much muss and fuss.

Until next time!




Day 31 Unfinished

This is the acrylic painting I have been working on for a couple of days.  Didn’t get it finished today either.  It’s almost done but needs a little tweeking and a few final details.

This was done from an Italy photo, not sure of the location or place, will check that out before I post the final painting when completed.  Since there are lemons on the table I think is may have been Capri where they are known for their lemoncello.

This is acrylics on a piece of canvas paper 8 x 10.  Today while I was working I sprayed the pallet with water and was able to keep the paints fresh for a longer period of time. Still rather a mess to clean up though when I was done.  Starting to like the look and fast drying time of the painting though.  This didn’t scan very well though….the canvas appears to be showing through more on the scan than in real life.

Won’t get to work on this for a week or so as I’m heading out tomorrow on family visiting and such.

Until next time keep painting!

Day 30

Don’t have a completed work to post today but do have a painting in the works.  Pulled out the acrylics today as I said I was.  Started a painting that is coming along quite well, but I am having a bit of trouble with the paints drying out on my pallet to quickly.  Gotta find a way to work with these paints and keep them moist.

I did gather up a group of watercolor paintings that I had started and messed up and coated them with gesso to use for acrylic works in the future.  Can’t waste that paper!

Hope to finish the painting tomorrow and post it as I am going to be away for a week or so and won’t be posting during that time.  Family matters come before my hobby painting projects.

Until tomorrow.

Day Two Mother’s Day Flowers

Okay, allowed myself most of the day to experiment, to an unsatisfying result.  Started off doing 4 small ink sketches then water colored them.  Not happy at all with the results…

Next tried a 9 x 12 street scene from a photo, very bad, another water color, looked like it would be so simple…overworked and muddy!

Finally I pulled out the acrylics and tried to paint a bouquet of flowers from my mothers day bouquet!  This is the best of the bunch…..remember now why I don’t like acrylics…..

Anyway here it is such that it is…….felt like I wasted a perfectly nice day only to get frustrated.  I will improve with practice and find my medium!!!