Playing Card Challenge #9

It’s Friday which means it is Playing Card Challenge day. I’m actually posting this really early for me! Had it done and was taking some photos of my latest works and uploading them and decided to go ahead and post this.

I had already applied the dictionary page last week when I did #8 card and gel mediumed it really heavy for texture. All I had to do was paint or do some type of technique on top. I pulled out the acrylic paints, not the metalic ones, the regular ones and did an abstract sunflower. Not the greatest paint job but I do like the texture of the card.

I spent several hours in the “studio” today and may go back for some more. Working on some ACEO’s and small paintings. Some good, some not so good and some okay.

I heard from the printing company that is doing my ACEO prints that I sent earlier this week. They have printed them and shipped them so I should have them early next week. I think I will work on the descriptions for each one and have them ready to upload when I have them mounted and photographed and ready to list in the Etsy Shop. Getting closer to happening! I’ve created a label to stick on the back of each one, Title, issue date and edition number since I plan to do a limited edition on each one that I’ve choosen to print and try to sell. I also made a Certificate of Authenticity to fill in for each one also. I may not be a professional Artist but at least my products I offer will be matted and presented in a very professional way. That has been my plan from the first intial thought that I wouldn’t move forward unless I was ready and set up to do things properly.

So as another week comes to an end, I continue to be excited about where I am trying to take my talent. I’ll keep you posted as things progress.

Until next time…….may sunshine and maybe sunfowers be in your view today


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