ACEO Field of Sunflowers

I did this little ACEO yesterday. Happy with it, just an imaginary scene I tried that worked.

I’ve been keeping pretty busy these last couple of days. Not only painting but taking the ever important steps toward getting things ready for the Etsy Shop. I wasn’t able to post to the blog yesterday since we were without internet service. Turns out I had to replace our router today which took up a big part of my morning! Gotta do what you gotta do, right? Can’t be without internet, no no.

Anyway, in addition to building my inventory of paintings, I placed another order for prints from the company I tried out. I ordered several different ACEO’s since that is what I want to try to sell first. I have the 5 x 7 mats, boards and bags to package these really nicely. Once I have them on hand I can assemble them and get them photographed and wa la. Easier said then done, you don’t realize how time consuming everything can be until you start doing it. Just scanning and getting the scans to look like the originals and resizing them to upload is the first project. Then when you have everything back and assembled the photography must be done. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy all parts of the process for the time being but I have to have time set aside to do the actual painting to make it all possible. The main thing is process is being made!

Until next time……stay connected, it’s your life line!


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