Florida Landscape

This is another attempt at the open fields that appear everywhere near our home.  The weeds that blow in the breezes this time of year always get my attention. Did something similar to the pastel I painted a few days ago, but a bit different.  This also was just drawing from my memory of what I had seen driving around the other day.

Used my water soluble oil paints and an 8 x 10 canvas board. Worked on this a couple of different sittings rather than all at once. Florida clouds are unbelievable and very hard for me to get the way I want them! Overall not a bad effort. My photo of this one isn’t the best but you get the idea. I love working with oils but even though they are water soluble I really still don’t like the clean up with them.

Have everything I need to work with the acrylics but haven’t been inspired by any subject matter to paint as of yet. Want to try something abstract but that is out of my comfort zone and really hesitant to move forward with it…..maybe tomorrow!

Here is my final Christmas card #7 of the seven day challenge, started again with a loose wash to see what appeared and I saw a tree with sparkly ornaments. This is a mixed media piece that I used watercolor, inks and watercolor crayons that have a sparkle to them, but it doesn’t show up in this photo.

20171019 Card 7

I think I will add a vertical message on the right as the card is out of balance. Only wanted to do half of the tree as that is what I saw in the watercolor wash but now that it is finished not sure?

Until next time….dance to the music as you paint!



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