Florida Fall Field

This posting today was totally not what I started out doing when I planned my day! First thing was to hit my local craft store for some real bargains, big sale on stretched canvas’ and easels, so off I went. Came home with 6 stretched canvas’, a 5 pack of 8 x 10 canvas boards, a desk top easel and a couple of fine point sharpies. Just couldn’t ignore a 60% off sale.

Came home and headed to the “studio” to work on something with acrylics. Got side tracked trying to figure out how to make an airtight palette so the paints won’t dry out so fast. Then decided I didn’t have a shallow airtight container to use so will wait until I pick one up. I think I actually was avoiding the acrylics…..but gonna tackle it.

Pulled out the pastels to touch up the water color I posted yesterday and that lead me to this 8 x 10 pastel painting.  While riding home from the craft store I pass many open fields that are over taken this time of year by some type of tall feather like weeds.  The clouds, the trees and the openness of it all was calling for me to paint it. This is just from my memory of the many things I saw while driving home. Used a ready cut piece of dark green colored pastel paper left from a prior painting. I like the way it came out and figured that would be my post for today! I used a combination of hard over soft pastels. Still have a tendency to rub the medium a bit much but still happy.  I captured the vision I was seeing in my mind as I enjoyed the ride.

Here is the Christmas card for day 4

20171013 Christmas Card 4

Until next time, soak in the moment.


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