Floral Watercolor

Didn’t get to work at all in the “studio” today too many other obligations and poor time management on my part. Could have done something even if just for a short time.

Posting today is a watercolor I did yesterday.  Started out as a large floral watercolor, part of pair, I intend to hang in a set of frames over our bed in the master bedroom.  I have a pair of prints there currently that work just fine with the decor but wanted to do something of my own and use the frames.  Was inspired by another artists work that I saw online and tried to do something similar with my own twist. The large in focus flower is copied from a pattern on our comforter and the remaining loose background of wild flowers just a random hodge podge. Didn’t come out as planned so I added some gouache to kind of enhance it a bit. Still not what I was looking for.  Signed and thought it was complete but I find myself thinking maybe some pastel markings in a few places may do it some good! It actually photographed better than it really looks. This is a large piece for me, slightly larger than 11 x 14, as that would be the matt size it would need for my frames. May see this return in a later post if I rework it in any way. Definitely not going on the wall at this point.

Here is my day 3 Christmas card, also done yesterday

20171013 Christmas Card 3

Bold and bright, my reason for the season card.

Until tomorrow….floral dreams to all


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