Over the Falls

Today I had so many ideas I couldn’t decide where to start!

Pulled out the ugly messed up oil painting from the other day and thought I could save it with a little work…..didn’t work out.  So while the pallet still had some paint on it that I didn’t want to waste a grabbed a piece of 6 x 9 watercolor paper.  So I was working with the water soluble oils, watercolor paper from a messed up prior watercolor that I gesso’ed to use again. I am starting to like the water soluble oils maybe because I never really got accustomed to regular oils and didn’t have to learn all over. I did this painting very quickly and loosely. Started out one way and ended up here as a water fall.  Didn’t use a photo reference or much to go on and this is what came out of that.  Started out as a practice to do a cloud technique I had seen online and waves which are in a lot of my work so what the heck.  As it took shape I just stood back and worked it as I felt it should be.  I’m thrilled with it actually and felt loose and no pressure, just using up the extra paint right? Will try that again!

Also worked on some other things and did a couple of art journal pages just to keep loose and creative!

Until next time stay loose!


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