Crayola Oil Pastels

Today I pulled out my art journal and picked up some new supplies to use for art journaling.  This is something recommended by a lot of creative people to do on a daily basis to keep the juices flowing.  The online course that I signed up for recommends doing this type of activity to free up your mind and take the attitude that what you create is for you, no pressure just fun.

Anyway I made a trip to my local craft store, used my coupons and purchased some simple basic supplies.  I bought some grown up watercolor crayons by Recollections, a 12 pack, a 28 pack of Crayola Oil Pastels for kids and since there was a promo for Crayola (buy 1 get 1 50% off) I was forced to pick up a pack of fine point color markers also! While there I picked up a water brush that you can fill and use with watercolor pencils and inktense pencils and  a cheapy pack of mixed paint brushes to use for journaling.

I did a total clean out in the “studio”, spare room, and the closet where I store all of my craft stuff for all kinds of projects that I work on from time to time. This stirs my spirit and gets me thinking in a creative frame of mind. Lots of idea floating around in my mind this evening.  What started out as a de-clutter, make room for drying my future master piece paintings lead to online art drawing course, art journal pages and a trip to the craft store for more items! By now the day is about over and this is what I accomplished from a creative stand point.  An art journal page made from card stock paper and a crayola oil pastel drawing. What a better way to spend the evening. My art journal will be taking the place of the hours spent Candy Crushing while hubby watches TV!

Not sure what tomorrow will bring but I have a zillion ideas and I hope to follow through on at least some of them in the very near future. Stay tuned.

Until then, keep coloring!


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