Back Home at Last

Arrived back in Florida after being away for August and September.   Blessed to have spent so much time with family and friends while in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Parent surgeries over and have a happy healthy new grandson.  All in all a good trip although long.

Finally making my way back into a routine and started painting again.  Really feeling bored with my water colors and have purchased some addition tubes of oils.  Really want to find a way to work with such a great medium, I’m so messy though I find it a real challenge. I’ve started planning a way to store the paintings for drying since that is a big part of not forging forward with them.  My “studio” is a corner of the spare bedroom and we’re in a 55 plus community so our home isn’t that large! I can’t let that stop me from painting and will find a way!

Here I’ve posted a grouping of small watercolors that I’ve done the last couple of days.  Still in a beachy mood and love trying skies and water.  Nothing to write home about but at least I’m back at it.

Looking forward to moving ahead with my paintings and hope I haven’t gotten to rusty after so long!

Until next time, forge forward!


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