Wakiki Beach Sunset

I missed my posting yesterday as I was working with my water soluble oils and wasn’t quite finished with this one that I wanted to post. Put the final touches on it this morning.

This is a small painting about 5 x 7 in size that I did on the gesso covered watercolor paper that I salvaged from prior mess ups.  I did two paintings and the other may show up at a later date as a post but it isn’t quite finished.

Had to photograph this one as I can’t lay it on the scanner bed wet!  I am happy with this one.  The colors in the photo are unbelievable and I think I captured them well.  I really like working with oils but just don’t have the patience to store them and wait for them to dry!  I’m going to work on a solution for this just not right now!  I do love the feeling and workability of oils.

I’m packing and working on simplifying a small art kit to take with me as I will be gone for August and September.  We’re driving north this week to be up there for a family surgery and also our second grandson is due mid to late August and I want to be there for that!  We always rent a condo in Ocean City NJ for the month of September so driving up earlier than usual for these other events and I’ll be staying through although my husband will be flying home after the surgery. He can get a flight back when the baby comes or the condo stay which ever comes first, but I’m sure that baby is coming before the end of August!  A lot of planning happening right now.  I’m enjoying my painting so much that I have to keep it up even if not everyday.  Planning to take watercolors, small sticks of pastels, sketch and wash pencils and derwent inktense pencils.  Keeping it as compact as possible must fit everything in a small craft bag that I carry!  Will cut down some small pieces of water color paper and bring some small watercolor tablets that I already have. I can always pick up paper if needed once settled.

The next couple of days I’m going to work with a water color wheel that I have Koh-I Noor 24 set as it does produce pretty good transparent colors for doing quick little studies or even for the ACEO’s that I like to paint.  Hopefully I’ll get a couple more posts in before we leave on Wednesday.

Until next time, travel light essentials only!



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