Layers Of Kona

Today I’m posting another pastel although I think I’m done with this medium for the time being.  Didn’t work much on my painting today, did do a quick watercolor of some flowers from the yard but wasn’t happy with it so pulled this out from the other day!

This is a 9 x 6 piece done on a grey blue tinted sheet of pastel paper.  Also, like most of my work done from a travel photo.  Picture taken as we were on a boat trip along the coast of Kona.  I loved how you could see the different layers from the water and black lava rocks up to the dessert looking land up the hill.  My water falling over the rocks is a bit lacking but you can tell what it is supposed to be so that makes me happy.  My scans of pastels are really not good and I haven’t taken the time to see if I can improve them with my scanning program.  Like I said I’m putting them away for now and moving on to a different medium.

Until tomorrow, beach dreams.


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