Back Light Salmon Azalea

Today I stuck with the pastels as planned and did a couple of paintings.  This was done from a photo that really had a great bright back light affect as we walked through the park setting at Winterthur Garden in Delaware.  The large silhouette of the tree actually was down the hill a bit and the azalea was on our level.  I hinted at the possibility of a stream down below as I do believe there was water down below the tree.

I had trouble getting the colors right on this and the brightness wasn’t captured as well as I had hoped.  I did use a light pale yellowish piece of pastel paper hoping to retain the light shining through.  Not bad considering.  This is an 8 x 10 size good for matting and placing in a 11 x 14 store bought frame.  I’m always buying frames when the local hobby and craft stores have buy one get one deals going.  I’m reading up on framing pastels and how they have to be behind real glass but not touching it! That’s a whole different subject there once you start getting into framing your work!

I did once again make a trip to Hobby Lobby to purchase some spray to use on my pastels as I really have trouble getting them put away without smudging them!  I’ve been giving them a light spray with aerosol hairspray but it does darken them and I’m sure it isn’t the best possibility.  I hit a sale and purchased Kryon Fixatif and also picked up a Krylon Quick Dry for Oils. I’m hoping to get back into the oils real soon and do some small paintings but I do have trouble waiting for the things to dry!

Until next time, take a walk through the park!


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