Low Lake Mead Colors

Today I did another pastel landscape.  But instead of using the tinted pastel paper I bought I opted to use watercolor paper, which is much heavier, and did an under painting in watercolor then applied the soft pastels.  I find that the pastel papers are very thin and to me won’t hold up too well.  I do plan to use them for small paintings and studies but I like a heavy paper for my work.

I love the way this painting came out.  It was done from a travel photo from a trip out west in 2005.  When I look at this piece I feel what I was feeling when I took the photo. The lake level was so low at that time and the colors revealed were beautiful.  I took a photo of this painting instead of scanning as it is a bit larger than the glass on my scanner.  Is was done on a piece of 9 x 12 140 lb watercolor paper.

I think I will continue to play around with the pastels for a few days.  Tried a bit with the oil pastels to fix a painting I had already started with not much success.

Until next time……


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