Dappled Sunlight on the Path

Today I decided to try something new and did an 8 x 10 soft pastel painting.  I used a light greenish tinted piece of Strathmore pastel paper.  I used one of my photos from a park visit, I can’t even tell you where the park is located.  I have a strong feeling it is from Winterthur in Delaware as I did take several pictures when we spent a day there several years back.

I’m happy with the finished product although when I started out I thought I had too much medium on the paper and wiped quite a bit off as I rubbed it into the paper. I then regrouped and added the lights and some final touches and made it work.  I achieved the feeling I was trying to convey and what I remember about what drew me to shoot the photo in the first place.

Found myself out and about today so I visited my local Hobby Lobby and picked up some pastel paper, large tinted sheets and a pad of various colors.  I also went to Michael’s and picked up a 12 set of Prismacolor Nupastel sticks which I want to use along with the soft pastels that I’m using.  While I was there I couldn’t resist picking up a 48 pack of cheapy oil pastels to play around with!!  The colors and texture just drew me right in…..such a sucker for colorful medium.

Gonna play with pastels for a bit and take a break from watercolors, at least that’s how I feel today!

Until next time, try something new.


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