ACEO Post 2

Today I actually spent quite a bit of time painting.  Started out doing a soft pastel landscape on a gesso coated piece of watercolor paper from a prior mess up.  Didn’t come out good at all.  Next I tried a small oil pastel on a tinted canvas piece that I had ready and did a beach boat scene, also not good!  Finally said give up and do a watercolor and be done with it!  Also not good.  Sooooo, spent a lot of time practicing with nothing to post.  Since I had four new little ACEO’s done just sitting there said if I’m gonna post something why not them!

So here they are.  Covered Bridge, from a Lancaster PA trip, Resort, from Marco Island visit last month, Iris, just a study and Black Eyed Susan’s from a recent photo! These seem to calm me when I get out of control and feel I’ve lost it all!  They take a bit of patience and control that I seem to lack these days when dealing with a large landscape scene.

What I did today may be reworked and completed at a later time who knows?  I hate wasting all that good paper you know so I will never throw anything away. There is always hope that I can salvage them into something worthy when the right mood strikes me.

Until next time, keep trying.


3 thoughts on “ACEO Post 2

  1. The paper is never wasted. it was used to practice and hone your skills and calmed your mind when you needed it. That’s time and money well spent. I love your A.T.C.’s x


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