Sea Oats at Sunset

Got back in the “studio” today and painted a couple of things.  Started out painting this same picture with acrylics and hated it.  Did a rather large canvas so must try to fix it when I’m in a better frame of mind.  Every time I get out those acrylics I’m unhappy with them and have trouble keeping them from drying out on the pallet!

So I went back to the trusty watercolors and painted this small painting.  Used a combination of two travel photos to get this rendition.  A colorful stormy sky from one of the Marco Island photos, when it rained the whole trip, and the beach scene from Myrtle Beach.   I like the way it turned out, could be a better composition but all in all a good little 7 1/2 x 11 painting.

I spent a lot of time online today looking at other artists work to see what really speaks to me.  I’m still in love with oils but just can’t get past the dry time involved.  Looked at a lot of pastel work that I seem to be drawn to.  Maybe tomorrow will be a day to try something different.

Until next time, dream big.



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